Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Download Turbo Booster PRO v3.5.4 APK - For Android

Optimize, clean and speed up your Android mobile phone and tablet with Turbo Booster!

Turbo Booster PROcom.ciwili.booster.pro
Optimize, clean and speed up your Android tablet and mobile devices with Turbo Booster. With this one-tap cleaner, you'll be able to free up RAM memory, free up disk space as well as manage anddelete apps.
Turbo Booster works in the background to speed up your Android devices, giving you better performance, more free memory and a vastly impoved user experience. Turbo booster is also the ideal app for those who need a battery saver or a speed booster for playing the most demanding games.

With our Android cleaner you can recover and free up RAM memory by killing unnecessary running tasks. It stops unused and hidden apps from using valuable system resources that could be better used by important apps.

Turbo Booster also speeds up your devices by freeing up storage space, cleaning junk files and removing non-functional cache files. You'll get more free space without harming your devices in any way.

Fewer apps means more free space and better performance for your devices. Using an unused-apps detector, Turbo Booster generates a list of your least used apps and helps you uninstall them with just one touch.

With this new feature, you'll get an overview of your Android's performance whenever you want.
Background monitoring: Choose between silent mode or to receive a notification when your device needs to be re-boosted.

• Easily speed up your tablet and mobile devices
• Make your games run faster by using it as a speed booster to kill unnecessary running tasks
• Get a longer battery life by using it as a battery saver
• Know when you're low on memory and performance
• Delete apps you don't use with just one touch
• Save disk space by cleaning junk files
• Enjoy smooth transitions between apps
The PRO version includes these advanced features:

★ Autopilot cache management
★ Autopilot memory management
★ Ads free
★ One-time payment, all features unlocked
What's in this version : (Updated : 31 January 2017)
  • Turbo Booster 3.2 PRO comes with a plethora of changes!
    ► We have improved the first user experience to help our users to understand better how Turbo Booster works
    ► We improved the way we tell you if you have recoverable memory, junk files or your cache needs to be cleaned
    ► We have improved our memory, junk filles and cache recoverable detection and remove process
    Stay tuned, we're working in many interesting things!
    Download the app now and take your Smartphone to the next level.

Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :
Turbo Booster PRO - screenshotTurbo Booster PRO - screenshotTurbo Booster PRO - screenshotTurbo Booster PRO - screenshot

Download : 7M APK


Download Call Recorder Pro v6.2 APK - For Android

Words like sparrows. Catch them !

Call Recorder Pro play.google.comcallrecorder.pro
Pro version of Call Recorder without Ads and includes one additional feature: Send selected records to email.

Pro version of Call Recorder application has an ability to:
  • Enable/Disable call recording
  • Records all your phone calls
  • Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item
  • Delete recorded items
  • Lock recorded items to prevent from auto-cleaning
  • Send selected records to email
  • Enable/Disable notifications
  • Configure automatic cleaning
  • Recording source
  • Recording quality
  • File format
  • Recording channel
What's in this version: (Updated : 31 January 2017)
  • ver 6.2
    - Fixed deprecated methods in Dropbox sync.
    - Fixed problem with amr format (for some it worked 2x fast mode).
    ver 6.1
    - Enable\Disable persistent notification setting added.
    - Improved stability of Media recording method.
    ver 6.0
    - Fixed issue with Search.
    - Improved Notifications functionality. If you experienced a problem when some calls where not recorded, please, use "Enable Notifications" in the app Settings.
    - Possible fix for app is still recording after end of the call.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 6.5Mb APK


Download Notific Pro v6.5.1 APK - For Android

Notific is lockscreen notification app that displays your notification in an intuitive manner when you need it!

It will automatically turn the screen on and display your notification in an easily accessible tabbed dialogue. It will also show notification quick action buttons if expansion is enabled.

If the phone is in pocket, don't worry. Notific is intelligent enough to understand that and will not turn on the screen. But if you take out the phone from your pocket within 10secs (customizable) it will turn on the screen for you.

Version 2.0 comes with a new Android Wear inspired theme (4.4+), in case you don't like the dark HOLO style.

Notific doesn't impact battery life as it will only use the proximity sensor for 10 secs.
The memory usage is highly optimized (2-10MB) and doesn't use 50MB+ as in other notification apps.

The multitude of notifications we get every day are probably the most sensitive information for some and these deserve the utmost privacy.
That's why Notific comes with absolutely no private data mining. No crash data, No Google analytics collection.
It doesn't require connecting to Internet, so you can be sure that there's no way your information goes out of your device.

The app is in active development and will get frequent updates and lots of features are in pipeline, including privacy mode and themes.

Proximity sensor values are calibrated for Nexus devices by default. If you have problems with the sensor on Galaxy or Xperia devices, try calibrating the sensor from app settings or TurnOff Pocket Mode

What's in this version : (Updated : 31 January 2017)
  • New in 6.5.1
    • Added a hidden music player control. Only works with default music player. Have fun finding it.
    • Added an "Apps" section to mark apps whose persistent notifications should be shown. You can mark your music players that post standard Now Playing notifications so that lockscreen music controls are available.
    Full changelog : http://goo.gl/oyBwPD
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :
Notific - screenshotNotific - screenshot
Notific - screenshotNotific - screenshot

Download : 1.4M APK


Download Couple Tracker - Phone monitor v1.63 APK - For Android


Couple Tracker - Phone monitorplay.google.com.spyyourlove
• Mobile monitor app allows couples to monitor, share and exchange texts (SMS), call history, history of GPS locations and facebook messages with their partners in real time.
• Application helps to catch cheating partner, reduce risk of infidelity / affair and also reduce jealous behaviour of your love.
• Mutual monitoring and overview is the best cheating and affair prevention for you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.
• How application works:

You have android phone • AND • Your partner (Wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend...) has android phone
You will install Couple Tracker • AND • Your partner will install Couple Tracker
You • will connect your account with • your partner
You will see your partner's texts, calls and FB records • AND • Your partner will see your texts, calls and FB records
(Both partners receive permanent notification, it is not possible to hide application !)

  • Both will see 50 CHARACTERs of every SMS that your love receive or send.
  • Both will see Call history of your partner (With names stored in his/her contact list).
  • Current location is recorded and saved in 30 minute interval to location / GPS history.
  • Location history is archived and shared for 2 weeks.
  • Both will see Facebook conversation statistics (Name and number of messages per day).
  • Both will see last message of each Facebook conversation.
  • Everything is in real-time. (Just few seconds after your partner receive call, SMS...)
  • Deleting of SMS or Call log doesn't help, Couple Tracker is faster ;) (There i no way how to hide activity or remove something (SMS, FB, Call))
  • One simple limitation: Mutual monitoring or nothing
• Couple Tracker - Phone monitor is mobile monitor implementing unordinary “trust system” giving to your partner simple offer: “You will see 50 characters of my every SMS, all my call history and overview of my Facebook communication, under the condition that I will see same history/records of yours”. Fairly exchange is basic and only one limitation.

Couple Tracker - Phone monitor provides mutual 24 hour real-time overview of mobile activity including monitoring of phone calls, texts (SMS) and facebook messages. Mutual couple monitor means: You and your partner are both seeing calls and text messages of each other.

(We are preparing Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android mobile connection of Couple Tracker Pro - Phone monitor)

What's in this version : (Updated : 31 January 2017)
  • - Mock up location fixes (Thanks to Paolo and Eric for assist ;))
    - New localizations: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and German
    - Beta of new Facebook services - stats of people liking and commenting FB posts
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Couple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshotCouple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshot
Couple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshotCouple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshotCouple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshotCouple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshotCouple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshotCouple Tracker - Phone monitor - screenshot

Download : 3Mb APK


Monday, 30 January 2017

Download Camera FV-5 v3.27 APK - For Android

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips !

Camera FV-5 play.google.com.camera.pro
Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!

Features :
  • All photographic parameters are adjustable and always at hand: exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode.
  • DSLR-like viewfinder display: see exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV and bracketing settings.
  • Full fledged exposure bracketing: from 3 to 7 frames, unlimited stops spacing, plus custom EV shifting.
  • Built-in intervalometer: make stunning timelapses (even bracketed/HDR timelapses) and time-controlled picture series.
  • Program and Speed-priority modes.
  • Long exposure support: take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 60 seconds*.
  • JPEG as well as RAW (PNG) image formats for lossless photo capturing, perfect for post-processing.
  • EXIF and XMP sidecar metadata support.
  • Self timer for delayed shooting.
  • Autofocus, macro, touch-to-focus** and infinity focus modes, plus a focus lock switch (AF-L).
  • In background photo developing and processing allows a smooth, uninterrupted camera operation.
This camera application completely avoids scene modes, instead you get full manual control over all photographic parameters, just like you do with a reflex camera, so you can ultimately control every aspect of the picture, and leave the post-processing to the computer. So after your DSLR, you will never miss a photo opportunity again, being able to capture it with the closer sensation to your DSLR as possible.

What's in this version: (Updated : 29 January 2017)
  • - Fixed: issue with the custom storage folder not being taken into account after being changed.
    - Improved: autofocus performance on continuous mode.
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :
     Camera FV-5- screenshot
     Camera FV-5- screenshot  Camera FV-5- screenshot  Camera FV-5- screenshot  Camera FV-5- screenshot  Camera FV-5- screenshot

    Download : 5M APK


    Download ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji v8.5.6 APK - For Android

    A.I.type's revolutionary keyboard will help you type faster and better !

    A.I.type Keyboard Plus play.google.com.android.p
    An intelligent keyboard with revolutionary context-sensitive text prediction, auto-correction, auto-learning, undo/redo/navigation capabilities and cool (and customizable!) skins (WP7, Windows 8 and iPhone for instance).

    Over 35 language layouts!
    English text prediction is built-in
    Predictionaries (language packs) for text prediction are currently available for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew!

    Psychic word completions and predictions are generated by A.I.type’s servers on the Cloud. When the device is offline or Internet connection is too slow, or if you disabled Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions will be generated by the device only.

    The keyboard also learns your unique words and style of writing (MyType). Just type your texts normally and it will keep learning. The learning model is stored on the device itself and is NOT shared with our servers.

    Privacy notice: while installing A.I.type Keyboard, you will receive a warning message about collecting sensitive data. This is the standard general-purpose Android message issued for any downloaded keyboard and it does not pertain to A.I.type. Our keyboard DOES NOT COLLECT YOUR SENSITIVE DATA.

    Features :
    • Suggests your next word! 
    • Completes your current word! 
    • Corrects your spelling as you type! 
    • Auto corrects your typos when you hit the spacebar (context-sensitive)! 
    • Automagically learns your common words and style. We call it - MyType. 
    • Supports unique themes (Windows Phone 7 theme, iPhone 4 theme, ICS theme, large buttons theme and more). 
    • Allows skin customization - colors, background images etc. 
    • Includes a layout for undo/redo/copy/paste/navigation and more.
    • g text field
      What's in this version : (Updated : 30 January 2017)
      • Hi-Res icons & images for sharper UI.
        Full RTL support.
        Improved Bottom row keys, Shortcuts, Clipboard and Sentence-Prediction editing screens.
        Material Urban Day theme now changes colors to match the foreground application and provide smoother experience.
        Fixed Hungarian top row accent characters.
        Improved performance.
        Feedback is welcomed: support@aitype.com
      Required Android O/S: 2.1+

      ai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshot
      ai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshot
      ai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshot
      ai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshot
      ai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshotai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshot
      ai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshotai.type Keyboard Plus - screenshot

      Download: 40M APK

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