Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sad As Airtel Discontinued Renewal of Night Data Plan Bundle

i think This is enough, Just last week we noticed that airtel Suddenly pushed the normal night plan bundle of N50 to N200 and we have been complaining bitterly because we all know how Airtel has been saving lot of us from internet shame.

i was still managing the 500MB for 25N because N200 is too expensive in the Bubari Regime and after i exhausted my allocated data, i tried Renewing it same night as usual but i got his silly response

Dear customer, you are already active on this data plan

so what am saying in essence is that when you subscribe for 1.5GB or 500MB after exhausting it that night, you won't be able use more than that as we have been doing before.

So, guys Since Airtel has Also joined the League with MTN, i don't see The reason why i shouldn't go back to MTN night Plan, or do you really wanna spend N200 for 1.5GB? Use the comment box below .


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