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hello guys, hope you guys have been enjoying all my blog updates.

there are things that needed to be done on this blog and one of them is to change the domain name.


some of you might be wondering why the blog name is like that since it is in Technology Niche. The truth is that when i bought this Domain in 2014, i never had the intention of being a tech blogger, in 2014 the domain was bought for entertainment purpose and since them i hve been building  brand for my self and i now think it is time to do what is right..


i just want to let you guys know that i will be changing this great's Blog domain Name very soon, to a
 name that is very techy ..


hello guys, also you can suggest me a very nice domain name to use on this blog, and also tell me why you choose such domain vi the comment box...

one love keeps us together, keep visiting this blog and also invite your friends to this blog........\]


  1. Change it to something techy and styly maybe, commenting from....

  2. it might destroy ur blog e.g AdSense, Gistpluz App.


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