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Where are those Glo users Here? here is your own turn to shine, it true that Airtel finally blocked our 0.0K free browsing but today glo has arrived and it time for us to Destroy

Glo 0.0K unlimited browsing Via Psiphon

Firstly, go get a new sim card (Glo),then register it, after that, out it in your phone and ON it,
Confirm the registration, then open your Psiphon Pro/Syphon shield/pronet etc,and input this settings,

Real Host:
Proxy server:

Real proxy type : Default
Port : 80

Then save

Open your more settings on your VPN
Don't click on connect using http connection
Then save and connect your phone..

It connects very fast and stable
Works freely on all device

Enjoy this while it Lasts..!!


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