How to fix the Windows 10 Anniversary Update’s worst problem

In case you’re one of the unhappy Windows 10 users who has discovered that the system freezes after performing the Anniversary Update, we’ve got a partially good news for you: Microsoft issued a fix, but it’s only temporary.

The company doesn’t know what causes the freezing, ZDNet reports, so the fixes it’s suggesting should only help out as long as the company investigates the reasons causing it.

“Microsoft has received a small number of reports of Windows 10 freezing after installing the Anniversary Update on systems with the operating system stored on a solid-state drive (SSD) and apps and data stored on a separate drive. This issue does not occur when starting Windows 10 in Safe Mode,” Microsoft said on its support forum.

Fixing the problem is simple: rolling back to an older but stable Windows 10 version. You might not like it, but it’s the way to go.

Until a final fix is available, Microsoft has for affected users two ways of downgrading the operating system.
If they’ve installed the Anniversary Update less than 10 days ago, they’ll be able to sign into Windows 10 using Safe Mode and then move apps and data to the same drive as the operating system.
After that, they can revert back to the previous version of Windows running on the machine.
If they’ve updated more than 10 days ago, they’ll have to roll back to a previous build of Windows using the Recovery Console or the Settings app from Safe Mode.


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