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August 2016 working free browsing cheat for Mtn, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel

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Once again happy new month to you guys and i pray that good things shall come your way this month and this month shall favour you and your family In J…

new leak reveals exciting Galaxy S8 details

Tech fans around the world are abuzz as the rumors ramp up ahead of Apple’s big iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus event next week. We already know practically everything we should expect from Apple next week. The company’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will look a great deal like its old 6 and 6 Plus, but it’ll pack some big performance upgrades as well as a handful of new features. Both new models will have bigger batteries and twice the internal storage at each tier, and the larger iPhone 7 Plus will also sport a new dual-lens camera design.

But with Apple’s big iPhone 7 unveiling just around the corner, attention now turns briefly to Samsung because a new leak has seemingly revealed some exciting details about the company’s upcoming Galaxy S8.

It always seems like by some strange coincidence, Apple leaks tend to overshadow big announcements from rival companies. Just as an Android vendor is gearing up to unveil its next flagship phone, for example, some big report will spill new details on an una…

Facebook is deploying ExpressWiFi Hotspots around Lagos in conjunction with Coollink

In recent times, Facebook has doubled down on its mission of connecting the world via internet, with initiatives like Facebook lite and Free Basics, making such connectivity much easier to access in the developing world generally and Nigeria specifically. With regards to Nigeria, Facebook is going a step further with the deployment of ExpressWifi in Lagos in collaboration with Coollink. The service is expected to launch at some point this week, but is already in operation in some parts of Lagos, such as Ikota Shopping Complex.

ExpressWifi by Facebook is a new program that lets phone owners purchase data from local internet service providers. Effectively, Facebook is providing software that helps local ISPs and entrepreneurs sell and provide internet service in rural areas, which can be accessed via public Wi-Fi hotspots. Besides being a source of cheap internet, the program is also designed as a means of empowering entrepreneurs who get the Wifi equipment (including a 1Kva inverter) se…

What is LTE Advanced, and why should you care that Verizon is rolling it out?

Earlier today, Verizon announced that it’s rolling out LTE Advanced to customers from coast to coast, at no additional cost to Verizon’s traditional arm and leg. But in case you’re tired of the carrier/uncarrier announcements about the Fastest Internet Evarr, here’s what it all really means.

What is LTE Advanced?
In short, a fancy name for using new technology to make existing LTE (4G) wireless connections faster. LTE Advanced can refer to all sorts of improvements to LTE, and the only real common factor is that they’re all backwards-compatible with other LTE technology. In this case, it refers to combining multiple channels to send mobile data as quickly as possible. Verizon is claiming a 50 percent faster peak speed for its technology.

How does it work?
Verizon’s technology is called “carrier aggregation,” and it really isn’t that hard to understand. Verizon owns multiple bands of spectrum, and normally, your device just uses the strongest signal. Using carrier aggregation, Verizon send…

We have some bad news about this year’s new Nexus phones

Google’s 2016 Nexus smartphones are codenamed Marlin and Sailfish. According to most leaks thus far, both handsets are expected to be premium devices when it comes to build quality as well as internal components and performance. With that in mind, don’t be surprised to hear that the phones will reportedly be more expensive than their predecessors, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

The smaller of the two, the Sailfish, is expected to cost $449 for the 32GB model — at least according to Nexus Blog’s unnamed sources from HTC. That’s $70 more than last year’s 16GB Nexus 5X, and $20 more than the 32GB option. It’s unclear at this time whether there will be a 64GB or 128GB Sailfish model, or how much the extra storage would cost.

The 32GB Nexus Marlin is reportedly priced at $599, which is $100 more than last year’s 32GB Nexus 6P. The 2015 Nexus phablet also came in 64GB and 128GB options, priced at $549 and $649, respectively. It’s likely that Google will also have Marlin versions w…

From the iPhone 7 to the Apple Watch 2, here’s everything we expect Apple to announce next week

Earlier today, Apple sent out official invitations for a special event set to take place on September 7 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California. While Apple’s iPhone 7 will undoubtedly be the primary focus of the event, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Apple take the opportunity to announce some other new products as well.

To help get you up to speed regarding what Apple likely has in store for us come September 7, we’ve put together a short but sweet summary highlighting all of the potential new products Apple may introduce to the world next week.

This one is a no-brainer. Every September, the collective eyes of the tech world all hone in on Apple’s September media event to take a look at what type of new features the company’s next-gen iPhone brings to the table. With the iPhone 7, word is that we won’t see any groundbreaking new features, but that’s not to say that the iPhone 7 will be a ho-hum upgrade.

Of course, it goes without saying…

You could earn money while playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go might have peaked in terms of daily active users, but if you want proof that the game is still a massive hit, look no further than this job listing for a part-time “lure manager” that one redditor found on Facebook this week.

According to the ad, this company is looking to hire a Pokemon Go “expert” who has reached at least level 10 in the game. The applicant needs to use an Android phone, understand how to make in-app purchases in the Pokemon Go app, and, oddly, needs to have a college degree in order to get the job.

You can see the full ad in all its glory below:

We have no way of verifying whether or not this ad is real, but considering the fact that dozens of Pokemon Go players have already started making money off the app by driving players around at 10 miles per hour, it’s not all that outlandish that a company would want to have someone drop lures at regular intervals.

Unfortunately, the position appears to be based in the Philippines, so any American traine…

REVIEW: night data plan codes for mtn, glo, airtel, and etisalat in nigeria

as we all know that almost all networks in Nigeria have unleashed their various night plan data and codes and it has been helping lot of us, especially the heavy files Downloader in the house, and i would like to use this opportunity to compile the various night plan from all networks in nigeria so you wont have to looking or searching for them one after the other.

MTN NIGHT PLAN BUNDLE DATA.Firstly MTN were the first network in nigeria to introduce this night plan of a thing and it really helped us in the internet industry.
the mtn night plan costs N25 for one night and a data bundle of 500MB will allocated to you and can only be used at night from 12AM-4M, kindly note the data cant be renewed same night, which means that after exhausting your 500MB, you have to wait till the next day to do it again.
simply go to your text message and send the keyword NIGHT to 131 and your are done. AIRTEL NIGHT PLAN BUNDLE DATA.After mtn released, their night plan airtel also …

More details emerge about next year’s curved OLED iPhone

Apple’s ‘boring’ iPhone 7 will hit stores in less than a month, but there’s increased chatter online about the bold new iPhone update you’ve been craving. The iPhone due next year will mark Apple’s 10th iPhone anniversary – let’s call it iPhone 8 for the time being – and it should introduce a brand new form factor. Reports indicate that at least one new iPhone model next year will feature an OLED display, possibly a curved screen similar to what Samsung is doing with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines.

Now, a new report from Asia reveals more details about the upcoming redesigned iPhone.

According to ETNews, Apple has started to select partners that will develop the components needed to make the OLED iPhone. Aside from the flexible OLED screen that will be provided by Samsung, Apple is also in talks with companies that provide other parts required for such a display.

“We are currently pushing to supply our new products for OLED iPhone,” a person working at an unidentified supplier told t…

All you need to know about Touch Disease, the latest big iPhone flaw

You might’ve heard about Touch Disease, the latest way for your iPhone to go poof. But what exactly is a Touch Disease, and how worried should you be about your beloved smartphone turning into an expensive glass rectangle?

What is it?
Touch Disease is a name given by electronics repair blog iFixit to a peculiar problem affecting some iPhones. Owners will find their devices suddenly stop working properly, the Touch ID sensor refuses to work at all, and grey bars appear along the top of the screen.

Apple hasn’t given any definitive information on the problem yet, but it appears to be caused by faulty touch controllers on the logic board. Those controllers are responsible for both the display and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so it makes sense that a problem with that causes problems with the display and the finger input.

Who does it affect?
As far as we can tell, mostly iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners. As outspoken independent technician Louis Rossman explains, the problem may be caused by a d…

newInterC Network, launches 4G LTE in Nigeria

Back in March 2016, Intercellular Nigeria Plc announced the signing of a partnership with Chinese telecoms and networking equipment maker, Huawei to transform its CDMA network to LTE Broadband.
At the time, the time table for the completion of the project and the eventual rollout of the 4G LTE network weren’t made public but it seems it has been completed, and even launched, albeit under a different brand.
The new brand is InterC Network and it has officially launched its 4G LTE network today, August 23, 2016.
The 4G LTE service will enable customers experience the most reliable and superfast mobile Internet connections.
These customers will also enjoy clear data calls from their data bundle and other value-added services on the network.
As for businesses, they stand to enjoy reliable, high-quality Internet solutions to keep them connected all day, everyday.
The 4G LTE service is currently available to customers in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kaduna. Plans are underway to launch in …

specification and price of ]Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a variant of the Galaxy S7 that has been toughened-up for a more active lifestyle. It offers basically the same features, but with 33% more battery capacity and better protection from the elements.

WHERE TO BUY SAMSUNG PHONES  from N25,000  (Buy Now) Nigeria     from KSH 8,000  (Buy Now) Kenya

The DesignLike previous Active variants of Samsung’s flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active comes with a some-worth reinforced body. This makes it over 30g heavier at 184.8g and 2mm fatter at 9.9mm thickness compared with the Galaxy S7.
Just like the S7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is IP68 certified, which means it is dust proof and can survive in up to 1.5 meters of water in up to 30 minutes.
However, were it differentiates itself is that it also offers military grade toughness with its MIL-STD-810G certification resulting in additional resistance to salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and ther…

Mtn Kpalasa Data Bonus- Enjoy 100% bonus Data when you buy a new phone

MTN offering customers 100% data bon us simply means that when you buy a new smartphone from any MTN store, you will enjoy double on any MTN data bundle subscription for six months. For example, you flex as much as 7GB for N2000for 6 months .

All MTN customers including new and existing subscribers are eligible. All you need to do is buy a Smartphone phone from any store in Nigeria and you are good to go.

How Can I Partake of This offer?
1. Buy a Smartphone phone from any store in Nigeria or existing smart phone owners can also;
- Insert a registered MTN SIM
- Wait for a notification of the bonus offer
2. Simply dial *131# to activate your preferred bundle plan and you will get double the data.

Dual SIM phones, and if both SIM slots are 3G enabled, you can still enjoy the offer irrespective of the SIM slot used.

But if both SIM slots are not 3G/4G enabled, you will not be able to use.
Offer is only available for SIM slots that are 3G/4G enabled.

how to successfully root infinix hot S X521

As we all know that Infinix Ho S is one of the newly lunched infinix phone, it has been on sell for the past few weeks. It’s known to be the first ever Infinix device feature the Fingerprint sensor (biometric scanner). Infinix Hot S runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Infinix XUI out of the box and its visually stunning design, sharp cameras, 3,000mAh battery; a combination of Android operating system, octa core processor and memory expandable to 128GB all for a superior performance.



you are probably reading this post because you actually want to root your Infinix Hot S, so you can explore and enjoy your hone to it fullest, but Android M is very stubborn when it comes to rooting, because the popular and easiest apps such as Kingroot, Vroot, Framaroot, Tecnoroot, Rootgenius etc., not working for it. The below tutorial will guide the HOT S users on how to install TWRP Recovery and Root their Smartphone.

Important Not…

Apple might be still damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t

For years, Apple has been held to a completely different than the rest of the tech industry. Whereas a company like Google can pursue and then shutter any number of ambitious “moonshots” and ultimately be applauded for their efforts, Apple is routinely criticized for not coming up with a device as revolutionary as the iPhone every 5 years. In a broad sense, Apple is forced to endure a level of criticism that no other tech company on the planet has to deal with.

To be fair, a good deal of the attention and scrutiny directed at Apple is not undeserved. After all, the company over the past few decades helped transform not one but three separate industries. That being the case, it’s only natural for expectations surrounding Apple to be a little bit higher than it is for others. But sometimes the critiques flowing in Apple’s direction become so ludicrous that we have to pause, take a step back, and point out just how absurd the tech press can become.

Recently, Apple executives,…

Airtel Repackaged SmartTrybe? Call for 11K/Sec to any Network in nigeria

One of the leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria has unveiled its repackaged "SmartTrybe" to gives there subscribers affordable and cheapest call rate and data bundle plan in addition to freebies.

According to Airtel,
"SmartTRYBE is the special plan from Airtel designed to keep you connected with everything that's up with your Trybe! With the best rates on data and calls to all networks, an amazing exclusive data deal and night browsing for your favorite music, movies and TV Series so you never miss a thing."

Airtel "SmartTryBe" Repackage was launched at Vapors Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos State on Friday 12th August, 2016 with colourful event attended young people who enfolded the irresistible and powerful package.

According to Airtel, the repackaged Smart Trybe gives 11k/sec rate to all networks in Nigeria and cheapest cost of data bundle.

This repackaged Smart Trybe sports in three forms;

» Trybe Special Data

» Trybe Night Browsin…

Android 7.0 has a hidden feature that could finally make it better than iOS

Android and iOS have been in a user-interface war for years. Who is winning really depends on who you ask, but a secret feature buried in the code for Android 8.0 Nougat shows a feature that would give Android the upper hand.

Android Police uncovered details and screenshots of a navigation bar customizer hidden in the code for Android Nougat. It’s not currently active, as it was pulled from the code base for being “not ready,” but a tipster managed to recreate the feature and provide screenshots.

The customizer appears to be powerful. All the navigation buttons are removable, and you can replace them with options like a clipboard or a keyboard switcher. Keycodes also allow you to assign any keyboard action you want to a button on the navbar. Basically, anything you’ve ever wanted to be able to do from the navigation bar is up for grabs.

Once you’ve decided on the actions, you’re able to move those buttons around in any order you want on the navbar. It’s a big change for Android, which ha…

World’s largest aircraft damaged on 2nd test flight

The developer of the world’s largest aircraft says the blimp-shaped airship sustained damage after it made a bumpy landing Wednesday on its second test flight in eastern England.

Hybrid Air Vehicles said it is trying to figure out what caused the rough landing of the 302-foot (92-meter) Airlander 10 during its 100 minute flight Wednesday in Bedfordshire, north of London.

“The Airlander experienced a heavy landing and the front of the flight deck has sustained some damage, which is currently being assessed,” the company said. “Both pilots and the ground crew are safe and well and the aircraft is secured and stable at its normal mooring location.”

A hybrid of blimp, helicopter and airplane, the Airlander is able to stay aloft for days at a time. It is designed to use less fuel than a plane, but carry heavier loads than conventional airships.

The aircraft was initially developed for the U.S. military for use in surveillance in Afghanistan.

Android 7.0 Nougat is finally here, but when will your phone get it?

Android 7.0 Nougat is here! It’s finally here! But, well, not really…

Last year, Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow and as of Google’s latest Android version distribution numbers, it’s only installed on 15.2% of active Android devices. To quote a certain presidential candidate, sad! Despite the fact that Android update adoption continues to mosey along at a dreadfully slow pace, the company on Monday released yet another new version of Android.

If history has taught us anything — and it has — Android Nougat will become the most popular version of Android sometime in 2018. But don’t worry, because you likely won’t have to wait quite that long to get it on your Android smartphone.

When Apple releases a new iOS software update, it’s released directly to end users. By controlling iPhone hardware and software Apple is able to bypass third parties (though third parties are obviously involved with testing). Android, of course, works differently in most cases.

When Google releases a new Andr…

Samsung will be the iPhone 8’s biggest fan

Apple will not come out with a brand new iPhone redesign this year, that much seems to be crystal clear. But an increasing number of reports claims that at least one of the 2017 iPhones will bring over radical changes. Specifically, Apple is expected to launch a Galaxy S7 edge-like curved iPhone 7 successor next year that will feature a flexible OLED display, a first for the iPhone maker. A new report from Asia indicates that Samsung is already preparing for that rumored iPhone 8 (or whatever Apple calls it), but not to fight against it with a novel Galaxy S7 successor of its own. Instead, Samsung might become the biggest fan of that new iPhone.

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung is getting ready to mass-produce the OLED panels that Apple will need for the redesigned iPhone. And Samsung may be the only supplier of such displays for the OLED iPhone.

Samsung has been seen installing production equipment at one of its Korea Plants recently, according to local news daily Chosun Biz. The…

latest glo 0.0k unlimited free browsing on psiphon with new proxy server 2016

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Where are those Glo users Here? here is your own turn to shine, it true that Airtel finally blocked our 0.0K free browsing but today glo has arrived and it time for us to Destroy

Glo 0.0K unlimited browsing Via Psiphon

Firstly, go get a new sim card (Glo),then register it, after that, out it in your phone and ON it,
Confirm the registration, then open your Psiphon Pro/Syphon shield/pronet etc,and input this settings,

Real Host:
Proxy server:

Real proxy type : Default
Port : 80

Then save

Open your more settings on your VPN
Don't click on connect using http connection
Then save and connect your phone..

It connects very fast and stable
Works freely on all device

Enjoy this while it Lasts..!!

5 best new features in Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat is finally here! Well, sort of… Nougat has indeed finally been released to the public, but it’s only available on a handful of Google’s Nexus-branded devices. If you own anything else — and odds are very good that you do — you’re in for a bit of a wait before an Android 7.0 update is made available for your smartphone. Owners of the latest and greatest flagships can likely expect an update to roll out sometime in the next few months, maybe even before the New Year rolls around if you’re lucky.

The good news, Android fans, is that Android 7.0 Nougat is worth the wait. It might not seem like the new update has much flash and flair on its surface, but the truth is that Android N is a massive update packed full of terrific new features. In this post, we’ll cover the five best additions to Google’s brand new version of Android.

Instant Apps

Google’s new Instant Apps feature debuts in Android 7.0 and while it hasn’t gotten as much press as it should, it really is an exciting…

Is Pokemon Go already dying Now?

Considering just how much of a stir it caused last month, you might have expected Pokemon Goto dominate the mobile charts forever. You wouldn’t have been the only one, but as it turns out, you definitely would have been wrong.

According to Bloomberg, data from mobile marketing companies Apptopia, Sensor Tower and SurveyMonkey all show that Pokemon Gohas shrunk from a peak of nearly 45 million daily active users to 30 million in less than a month. Daily downloads, engagement, and time spent on the app have all declined sharply as well, with the downward trend expected to continue.

Although this is bad news for Niantic, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo (which inexplicably saw its stock skyrocket before investors realized Nintendo had almost nothing to do with the game), it’s good news for other app developers.

“Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokémon Go app since the launch in July, investors have been concerned that this new user experience has been detracting from time spent on othe…

Android Nougat will have regularly scheduled maintenance updates

Amid all the hubbub of Android 7.0 officially arriving, we’re not seeing a whole lot of new information from Google. Indeed, practically everything about the consumer version of Nougat is identical to the fifth Developers Preview, so while it’s great that Nougat is finally here, there’s not much we haven’t already seen going on. Google did, however, sneak one tiny little morsel into theirannouncement blog post.

In the post, which “takes the final wrapper” off Nougat, Android VP of Engineering Dave Burke gives us all the information we want to hear. We know which devices Nougat is coming toand how to get our hands on it today if we aren’t willing to wait for the rollout. But what the post also makes note of is the fact that Nougat will be getting regular maintenance updates over the coming quarters.

Basically, although Nougat is ‘finished,’ there are still some nicks and divots that the developers want to polish over. They’ve even put out the call to keep reporting bugs as you find them …

A curved OLED screen might be the front of Apple’s new iPhone Pro, coming next year

For most of the year, rumors were flying that the 2016 iPhone range would include a bigger, more tricked-out ‘Pro’ model, along with an OLED screen. The rumors about sharper screens have been pushed to next year (when it’s looking reasonably certain we’ll be seeing an OLED iPhone), and now it looks like the iPhone Pro will have to wait until 2017 too.

A report in Nikkei claims that in 2017, Apple will ship a ‘Pro’ model with a 5.5-inch curved display that will use an OLED panel. It will debut alongside two other new iPhone models, which will have flat screens with older LCD displays.

The advantages of OLED technology make it a no-brainer upgrade for Apple, which has been the only big phone manufacturer not to at least try releasing a phone with OLED display. Samsung’s curved-edge phones have also been a big hit with a particular niche of users, so Apple’s move towards a curved edge looks more and more like a play to steal back customers from the Note 7.

Along with a new Pro model wieldin…