Ntel Sets To Release New 0804 Lines Coming April 8

Yes! ntel , the newest entrant into the
telecommunication industry is
gradually becoming a reality. Early last
months, ntel launched its website
allowing you to choose your own
personalize ntel numbers. Progress has
been made again; ntel would begin the
first phase rollout with the commercial
sales of its 0804 mobile line on April 8
in Lagos and Abuja.

Also the NCC has approved all licence
authorisations necessary for ntel to launch its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network using next generationbtelecommunications infrastructure for its first phase rollout in April.

He said ntel had conveyed 200 kilometers of metro fiber optic transmission links in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, for consistent system network amid the rollout.

The CEO of ntel likewise included that ntel had sent LTE Advanced, the most recent 4G innovation with multi-radio wires destinations. To guarantee smooth take off of its portable system rollout arrangement, ntel has finished the development of Tier III Datacentre and reactivation of SAT-3 submarine worldwide fiber optic link.

We are holding up… But why is ntel letting Port- Hacourt city well enough alone for the principal rollout?

ntel 4G LTE will make a lot of sense.
I’m just pretty concern about their data
plans and prices. If your device is not
4G supported, just keep reading and
we’ll tell you about our experiences
come 8 th of April 2016.


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