New Mtn Musicplus Proxy Server for free browsing on Psiphon

I started Receiving lots of Complain from folks about the Mtn Musicplus not connecting with their Various VPN's, I on the other hand, am using another Proxy server similar to the normal server we are all using, so because of so many complaints, i have decided to let it out to the ones that are Affected. If you are New to the New Musicplus Tweak. see How you can Get upto 6GB with just N600 on Musicplus

So if proxy server aint connecting Again kindly Open your preferred VPN, and use this New proxy server.

That's All, Save it and connect and keep on surfing..

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  1. Hey, I just wanna say I'm glad you brought this back, the 7.5gb nd 15K isn't working for me, pretty sure it selects sim but I just wanna say thank you for this. Always legit :)

  2. Toyyo, Am really Glad you said this.. We will always do our best to Make browsing free and Affordable for you Guys..

  3. Cool,ermm it worked this afternoon and now it isn't, don't know why and the settings are right, guess it's the proxy server again. Can you help out here? I understand if there's none yet oo buh if there's any working pls link me to the settings and stuffs. Thanks

  4. Toyyo, off your data ,then on it back and try connecting it again, repeat the process, if it does not connect, then perhaps, your MB has been exhausted

  5. I give up..this isn't working for me

  6. Anonymous, ya, musicplus stopped working on Psiphon yesterday night. So we don't know when it will start working again!! Sorry for that

  7. Does this mean is hasn't been blocked? And pls can you link me to the etisalat social me settings if that's still working


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