fuck Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat Bis, How you can get 1 Terabyte on Visafone BIS plan

morning folks, of you are thinking Visafone is dead but the truth is, its not yet dead... still in the land of the living. Why are you all worrying and killing yourself
over Glo blackberry plan, Airtel blackberry plan that zaps like hell? When you can get Visafone blackberry plan 1terrabyte for N1,000. I'm sure you
are now aware that Glo blackberry plan
is not like before again ever since they
increase their subscription price. It now
zaps should in case you haven't notice.

A friend of mine have been using this for a very long time, and you know that seeing is Believing, until i saw it yesterday night, i couldn't believe it.. So am sharing it with you guys now!!

See Airtel BIS plans also works on Android

The good news is that Visafone have coverage in almost all locations; but to be fully sure your location is covered, just call this number 07041444444 ask them if their data coverage is available in your area.
Normally, you should be able to get their
Blackberry device for N15,000 or less.

Those of you in Lagos, just head straight
to computer village and buy the fairly
use Visafone blackberry smartphone and you are good to go.
You too look at it, you get 1terrabyte ( do you know how many gigs you’ll reach before you get to 1 terabyte? About 900GB) for 1months. That should last you till eternity.lol.

So why crying for Glo Bis, Mtn Bis , Airtel BIs, and Etisalat Bis, when you can get 1 Terabyte with just N1,000 and the good News here is it can be tethered to other smart phones like your Android phone, but it can't be tweaked on Any android phone, like in the case of Glo BIs, where you need to tweak for the Data to start Working... So what are you waiting for?


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