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Mtn Now offers a Data Plan of 1.3GB for N1000 and 3.75GB for N2000

This Mtn Network Will no cease to Amuse me.#lol.

i just Stumbled upon this post just now, and i think it might interest you Guys, this is how i saw it==>

MTN users:-New Offer 500% deal Zone
Get 1.3GB for N1000. SMS 106 to 131 NOW
NOTE:-Its a Normal for any device,Pc,modem,etc....this is not a's legally from no fears of it being blocked...except MTN decides to stops this offer

when i Saw this post i Was amused a bit, and i started thinking About Airtel 3GB For just N1,000 and works on Android, i don't really know why MTN is doing this sha.. but all the same i think some of us still to know about this information..

As the Msg said Send 106 ==> 131 and as you can see, it can also be used on Pc and on any internet Enabled Device which give it a little Advantage to Airtel 3GB where you need to Tweak your IMEI of your Device for it to properly work.

How To Subscribe To MTN 3.75GB Data Plan For N2000

==> Load N2000 on your MTN line
==> Send 110 to 131 in an SMS

so what your View about this New Improvement of so called

Download Latest Version Of GBWhatspp V4.30 Best Whatsapp MOD

Hello here for you is Gbwhatsapp and GBPLUS updated,

3 package available :-
1) WhatsApp+ ( GBPLUS) v4.30
3) GBWHATSAPP3 v4.30

(Which Means You Can Use Three Whatsapp Account In one Android Phone)

==> What’s new in v4.30

=> [ Fixed ] In-App Translator to
Translate messages to 8 Different
Languages (Supports Multiple Messages too)

=> [ Fixed ] Search Web Image (Now
Directly Send Image

=> [ Added ] Custom Wallpaper for
Every Chat (Mod 1.2.0)

=> [ Added ] Zoom-in for Profile Pics

=> [ Improved ] GBWhatsApp Lock
=> Other Fixes Known Bugs.

==> WhatsApp+ & GBWhatsApp features

==> Based on 2.12.556
==> Ban proof
==> supports calls
==> hide your ( last seen )
==> privacy mods
==> themes mods
==> Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )

==> Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod
(17) Ticks & (13) Bubbles Styles to

==> counter statistics for grouup

==> media preview without loading
Show Online/last Seen in Main

==> send video with size 30MB instead of 16MB

==> send 90 images at once instead of 10

==> change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters

==> ability to press on links on chat
screen without save sender number or group admin number

==> ability to press in links on your
friends’ status

==> ability to distinguish between
normal messages and Broadcast

==> hide the name and the date when copy more than one message

==> ability to copy friends’ status

==> ability to change the app icon and notifications
and many many other features ..
discover it by yourself ..

==> Download link below

1) WhatsApp + ( GBPLUS ) v4.30



3) GBWHATSAPP3 v4.30

Happy Enjoying 3 Whatsapp Account On your phone!!!!

See Specification and Price of Ulefone Feature Android 6.0 M with 4GB Ram

This smartphone i will say is a beast. It has what a phone lover needs in a smartphone. This beast came with the latest version of Android which is Android 6.0 marshmallow, amazing camera of 13mp back and 5mp front selfie
shooter. It's also 4G enabled. Mind blowing 4GB RAM and 32GB inner storage and battery cap of 3000mAh. Kindly check below for the complete specs and price of this smartphone.


WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4G/5G WiFi
2G: GSM 850/900/1800MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2600MHz

Operating System
Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Front camera 5MP + Rear camera 16MP with auto focus and Dual Flash (Dual color temperature)

Bluetooth: 4.0

Hall Effect Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Compass, Gyro Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, OTG

Features: Quick charge, Type-C interface, Miracast, Off-screen Gestures, Smart Power saving mode, Battery- 3000mAh Battery, with 9V/2A Quick Charge.


choi!! Guys this Kind price ehn.. So what do you think about the Device, Specs, and price??

New Super fast IP proxy and Port for Etisalat Social me Cheat

Hello Guys, Am Here again with Another Blazing IP for Etisalat Social Me Users and it really working Well.

Incase you dont know the New Rocking Settings See New Etisalat Social Me Settings Here

Now open your Psiphon Handler and click on More Option and input Any the following IP and Port.

Then Go Back and Connect.. Enjoy the Stability..

Etisalat Social Me and Chat pack Stil working with TweakWare VPN o

See Settings for tweakware Here


Friday, 29 April 2016

April 2016 working free browsing cheat for Mtn, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel

need 5000 visit to your website? check tody!!!

Once Again, Happy New month.

I know some of you might have fell for my April Fool trick, don't worry, that the

So I have been trying a way to figure some working free browsing Cheat that is currently working In this April, tried them, and they are still working, then i decided that you guys need to know more about this, in fact since Mtn have blown off our head of by Discontinuing Mtn Bis, in which I know some of you use in download Larger files, including I. So we are left with little this month, Anyway there are still alternatives and some of us don't even know about it, unless you have been following my Blog posts..

Let me start With Etisalat

Over few months Now, Etisalat Has been my saviour when it comes to Free browsing tweak, because i have been Enjoying it since 2015, some of you still thinks that this free browsing cheat is stupid, maybe because of The Disadvantages that follows it. I call it My Saviour, When ever Mtn and other Networks fails to give us Free browsing Cheats.#lol_It_our_right.

The cheat am talking about is called Etisalat Smart Pack Bundle

This bundle is further divided into Two parts

The Social Me Bundle

The Chat Pack Bundle .

Over the time this tweak have helped lots of people in the free browsing Industry, and many are still using it Till Now.

Over the time, The two Bundles i Mentioned above comes with clear Advantages & Disadvantages, in this Case am going to just list out the Disadvantage and Some Advantage.

for Etisalat Chat Pack

• Advantages

=> it is very cheap when it comes to the subscription price which is only N150 Weekly See Codes Here, and cost only N400 Monthly See codes Here, and this is the only Advantage this has over Etisalat Social Me pack.

=> it does not use IP address, which makes it easier to connect, because you wont have to start looking for working IP address and other stuffs.

• Disadvantage

=> It is fast in Browsing, But Extremely Slow when it comes to Downloading Files and Streaming online,

=>it sometimes Disconnects since it does not make use of IP address.

For Etisalat Smart Pack

• Advantages

=> It Very Fast in Browsing, And Also Very Fast in Downloading (only when Speed throttling is By passed See how to Bypass Speed Throttling Here ) and also Fast when you Stream Online.

=> It is very Stable, unlike Chatpack That disconnects sometimes.

• Disadvantages

=> It is X2 cost than Chat Pack, and the Daily Sub goes for N100 See Code
While the weekly Sub for N300. *200*3*4*2*2*1# ,

=> it makes use of IP, this is a situation whereby you need to get good, fast, and working IP..

So i Have Taken my time to explain this Is details to you guys so that you cam choose wisely. So if you want to use this cheat. Here is the VPN Settings..

CLICK HERE FOR SETTINGS (use the comment box for further enquiry)

Also Etisalat Bis Subscription
Also Etisalat Bis Subscription which is 3GB for Just N1,000.
Click Here for More Details

2. Mtn Free browsing
Anyway, it not new that Mtn Bis Stopped working, but there are still some Alternatives to it.

=>Mtn Continues 150MB for Just N15 by which you can get upto 4gb with just N600 See More Details Here

New Cheat => How to Get Mtn 7.5GB for free See More details Here

=> also I made a post on how i browse for Free Everyday some days ago.
You Can Read More of it Here

=> Lastly, Have you Forgotten when i said Mtn Introduced One day Unlimited Browsing For just N150, but just for Eligible Sims, to me this will serve as another Mtn Bis to to eligible ones because it unlimited with just 150.
Click Here for More Details On this

3. Airtel Free browsing
Not quite long When i posted All Airtel Blackberry Subscription Codes which are very Cheap and Also works on our android Phones
See More Details Here

=> also we figured out a way You can get upto 6Gb on airtel Sim although is not free, but very cheap price
Click Here for More Details

4. Glo free browsing
Seriously i don't think there is any for Glo users except that of BlackBerry plans of 3Gb for N1,400 and 2GB for N1,000.

Glo 2GB for N1000 Click Here

Glo 3Gb for N1,400 click Here

So this is all we Have for Now, so choose wisely and also Share my Post to your facebook, twitter and Everywhere and also comment to Appreciate Me..

How To Borrow Airtime (Credit) From MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Airtel NG

How To Borrow Airtime (Credit) From MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Airtel NG

In this post, I’ll guide you through the various procedures and requirements to be able toborrow airtimefrom the said service providers in Nigeria. 


Airtel is the first service provider to implement this package in Nigeria in 2013 under package nicknamed Airtel Talktime. This allows customers to top up their credits or airtime without having to use recharge cards but only as a loan to pay later. Below are the requirements before you can be able toborrow airtime on your Airtel line. 

*.Your line must be up to 3 months old. 

*.You must be a prepaid customer whose line is not suspended. 

*.You must have repaid all outstanding loan airtime collected previously. 

Now you’ve known the requirements to borrow airtime on the Airtel line, here is the procedure involved. 

*.You can initiate the lending on Airtel by dialing *500# and follow the steps to choose either N50, N100, N200 or N500. 

OR use the following codes below to choose any one of the airtime loans on airtel. 

*.Dial *500*50# for N50 

*.Dial *500*100# for N100 

*.Dial *500*200# for N200 

*.Dial *500*500# for N500 

Note: These codes will only work if your are eligible for the package. 

How To Borrow Airtime (Credit) From MTN 

In line with the Airtel Talktime, MTN introduced the MTN Xtratime plan for eligible customers. With this package you can easily loan call airtime from MTN and pay later. For now, the only know eligibility criteria is been a prepaid customer having between N0 – N12 airtime. 

Other criteria are not yet spelt out such as the number of months of usage or monthly recharge minimum. 

To Check your loaning eligibility on MTN, perform transactions (i.e to borrow the airtime on MTN), simply dial*606#. 

Note: MTN deducts a 10% fee for whatever amount you borrow. Meaning that if you loan N100 airtime, you’ll be given N90 and you’ll have to pay back later N100 when you recharge. This is actually a downside anyway. 

How To Borrow Airtime From Glo 

It’s quite simple to get an airtime loan from Glo tel-network provider in Nigeria. All you need do is follow the below laid down procedures. 

*.Dial*321#and create a 4 digit PIN which you’ll be using for your airtime borrowing transactions. 

*.Now to borrow airtime from Glo, dial*321*PIN*Amount you wish to borrow# 

That’s how you can easily loan airtime freely using the Glo SIM network. 

Note: You will be charged 5% of every transaction you make unlike MTN which goes for 10%. 

How To Get Airtime Loan From Etisalat 

As at time of this post, the Etisalat network has not introduced this feature for their customers. We would definitely update this article whenever such is added. 

Feel free to leave your opinions, other working methods or recent news you know about borrowing airtime from MTN, GLo, Etisalat and Airtel using the comment box below. 

If you encounter any issues using any of this services, please do not fail to let us know. Cheers!

5 Common Lies that People Tell You About Phone Batteries

There is an ultimate need to keep our smartphone running at all times and we go are ready to go through any length to achieve this. Usually You read online about how some practices can help you prolong your phone’s battery life. Well it will come as a shock to you that some of these practices misconceptions and misinformation, they in no way have effect on the longevity of your phone’s battery.
Here are some of the most common battery myths that deceive Phone users.

1. Don’t use your phone while charging : Most people believe that using your phone while charging might cause your phone to implode or end up electrocuting you. Well this is not remotely true, except if you’re using it in a bathtub or of course if your charger is fake. Charging your phone and using it at the same time has no effect on battery quality. However, it can slow the rate at which your phone get fully juiced because the longer you screen is on the more power it’ll consume.

2. Let your battery run down completely before charging: This was applicable to old age batteries which are the Nickel Cadmium or Nickel-metal hydride batteries. These batteries used to be foolish. They tend to forget their full capacity hence can no longer charge 100% again. Most Modern smartphones however, use lithium-ion batteries which works entirely different from the old batteries. In fact, complete battery depletion before charging is believed to reduce battery durability. Most batteries have finite number of charging cycles and as it continuously increases battery efficiency is reducing. As your battery drains to 0% more charging cycles results. It is better advisable to keep your battery charged at all times in contrast to complete depletion.

3. Leaving your phone on charger overnight damages the battery:
 This is probably the most common. As it is believed overcharging reduces the battery’s ability to hold charge. This is true for ancient lithium-ion batteries that could overheat or even explode if charged for too long. Modern phones however, are called smartphones for a reason. They’re intelligent enough to detect or recognize when the battery is fully charged thereby limiting the power reaching the battery. In fact, most smartphones undergo trickle charge that improves battery health. Leaving your device to charge overnight is not as detrimental as they say. This however, doesn’t guarantee you leave your device connected to the power source in excess of 12 hours. Some other factors might arise such as the battery overheating and this coupled with a poor battery casing might cause your battery to explode. It is more recommended to maintain battery juice between 40% – 80%.

4. Use only original charger to charge your phone : Although the use of official original charger if highly recommended, brand-off or third party chargers works just fine. However there’s an exception to super-cheap crappy chargers which can lead to battery damage. A Licensed third party charger is just fine as long as it charges you device. Although it might take a longer time to fill up your battery.

5. Task Managers or App killers conserve phone battery : Most often, you’ll find a lot of people opting-in for task managers to help preserve smartphone battery. But in the actual sense these apps only results to more battery depletion.App killers tend to arbitrarily destroy applications running in background taking it out of the phone’s RAM. Most of these apps are required for the phone to function normally. So as soon as they’re closed, they’ll have to load to the phone’s memory all over again. This frequent loading and unloading puts extra stress on the device leading to more power consumption than if you just left it alone.

lol, i know some of you must have told someone this kind of lies, or someone might have told you...

Specifications And Price Of Huawei Honor 5C eithw 2GB RAM

Huawei Honor 5C, a reasonably-priced android Smart phone with 2GB RAM and android 6.0 Marshmallow opening machine out of the container.

At simply $140, this telephone is one of the cheapest phones jogging on android Marshmallow OS.

It is powered through an Octa-center 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 processor, accommodating a 2GB of RAM and 16GB of on board memory expandable to 128GB.

It is a camera friendly device for picture lovers. With a 13mp camera which has auto focus with LED flash, suitable for all your photo shootings

The battery capacity is okay unlike other cheap devices running on android 6.0, Huawei Honor 5C comes with 3000mAh battery which i believe is just okay for average user. Below is the specs, features, price, launch date and images of this phone.

Specifications And Price Of Huawei Honor 5C eithw 2GB RAM

GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: HSDPA 900 /1900/ 2100
4G: No
SIM Type: Dual-SIM (Micro SIM, dual standby)

Operating System
Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Emotion UI 4.1)

Dimensions: 147.1 x 73.8 x 8.3 mm
Weight: 156 g
Display: 5.2-inch, 1080 x 1920 pixels (423 PPI), IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen

Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyroscope and Compass

Processor Type: Octa-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53
Processor Name: Hisilicon Kirin 650
Graphics Processor:

Internal Storage: 16 GB
External Storage: microSD, up to 128 GB

Rear: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Video recording: 1080p@30fps, HDR
Front-facing: 8 MP

Music Support: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, M4A, MKA,
Loudspeaker: Yes
Video Support: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
FM Radio: Yes

Bluetooth: v4.1
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: microUSB v2.0

3000 mAh

Launch Date: April 28, 2016
Availability: April 2016, in China first, before other regions

Launch Price: $140

check out The price of the Cheapest 6-inch Device - VKWORLD T1- With Premium Specifications

John from VKWorld, on account of you such a great amount for this data… What you are going to peruse will take your breath away on the grounds that it's the least expensive 6-inches gadgets ever… It is this sort of news that turns me ON.

6-inch metal-body telephones are for the most part with high costs. Be that as it may, Chinese organization is going to discharge a financial plan 6-inch metal telephone.

At the very beginning of 2016, vkworld leaked some information about it's 6-inch phone--vkworld T1 which comes with an 80% screen-to-body ratio.
And many people are drawn by its appearance. Now T1 is finally revealing its specs.

Aluminum Unibody Design:

-diamond cut;
-double chamfered edge;
-abrasive blasting;
-anodic oxidation;
-available in silver, gray and gold;

-$59.99 (N16,797)

Other than the aluminum unibody and low price, T1 also features mid-range specs like:
6-Inch 2.5D IPS Display;
Quad-Core Processor;
2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass;
13MP+5MP Camera;
Micro SD Card Expansion;
Dual SIM;

Do you like this up coming device?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

List of free Browsing Browsing Cheat On Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo that Rocked April 2016

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2go MB, mtn WhatsApp mb, mtn blasst MB.

Hello Folks, This April 2016 was a Wonderful month to many of us out There because i know that about 98% of us really enjoyed free browsing in April if not All of us..

so i just want to remind you guys of all the Goodies and Free browsing We Rocked During April 2016 tenor..#lol.


Even As Much i would Like to Believe it that After mtn Finally Blocked the following cheats.


Mtn MusicPlus

Mtn Magic Sim

Then we taught that was the End of Free browsing And everybody Had to Run back to Famous Etisalat Social Me and Chat Pack Including me oo.

so i had to compile Some list of Free working Proxy server on psiphon via Mtn Here

not after a while The 7.5GB Landed Like a King About to be Enthroned and everybody were very happy and As if that was not Enough, Then the Mtn Unlimted Airtime of about 100K Airtime also Landed and it seems Mtn had finally Fallen.

although Many of you Rocked this tweak and the sharp guys were able to finish The 7GB before Mtn could take it the Next day while some of us could not even Do the cheat at all because the process was blocked after 2 hours the cheat aired on the

Not only that o. As we are all mourning because of Scarcity of Cheat and Data. Another one Came o Save our
The Mtn Free Unlimited and Free browsing via Life plus migration

mehn, This tweak was one of the Best because you can always renew the MB after your finish it.. even one of my friend used about 30GB within 4 days that it lasted.. and i know it same with some of you.. #We really Enjoyed Mtn oo, and before we knew it, April came to and End..


Although For A very long time now Nothing Good Have come out from Etisalat So far After the era of IMEI tweaking since that time nothing good, except for the Famous Etisalat ChatPack, but We were All Surprised when Etisalat Surprised us all with the Free Etisalat 4GB and Every one were very Happy because The Process Lasted for about 2-3 Days before it Finally blocked, and i believed that the sharp one Enjoyed this on almost 10Sims.(Na wa oo)


Blood of Zachariah.

So Airtel Did not offer Anything this month? infact since this Year, I Have not Recorded Any Free browsing cheat on Airtel After The Era of Imei Tweaking, and since then We have not Enjoyed anything from Airtel, Chai!! Airtel There is God oo.
we pray that something good will come out of Airtel This New month of May oo.


Blood of Satan..#lol.

Guys, is it that Glo is more secured than Mtn? or is it that it being owned by a Nigerian? i cant even tell! Apart from the Days that we last enjoyed Free browsing via our Nokia phone with Opera Handler, i don't think there was/is anything like Free browsing on Glo Network.(Them dey use JuJu?). God help us oo..

So I don't know if you Guys really Enjoyed this April because i really Enjoyed it oo, Where i browse and Download without thinking About Data or anything.. so let me also hear from you via the comment Box, How was this month of April??

See Leaked photos of the Blackberry Hamburg & Rome Running Fully on Android OS

Just like what Blackberry said the other day, don’t expect any more Blackberry devices running on Blackberry OS … and here comes leaked photos of the forth coming Mid-range android smartphone Blackberry Rome and Hamburg.

Both are going to be powered by Android. The blackberry Rome will have a curved AMOLED display with a QWERTY keyboard and a large
speaker that both reside south of the screen. There is no info about the spec yet but the price is expected to be $300.

While the BlackBerry Hamburg uses the new BlackBerry logo on top of the device. The power button is on the left of the phone with the volume button on the right. A speaker will be on the bottom of the display…its expected to be priced at $400.

New ntel Sim Pick-up Location In Abuja

Incoming searches: ntel locations in Nigeria, ntel location in Lagos, ntel unlimited browsing cheat, ntel free browsing cheat, ntel pick up location in lagos and abuja, ntel pick up sim location in states…

Ntel, yesterday opened another SIM card Pick-up venue in FCT Abuja to add to the previous location See their Previous Location Here

We all know that Ntel is very slow in their approach to services and now they pleaded to their customers for their slow approach to services, that with time, things will be better.

They also said that we should disregard any pick up locations of Ntel sim cards in Lagos that they
haven't gone live yet in Lagos state. They also promised to come live in Lagos state anytime from now.

also seeWhere to Pick up your Sim in Lagos State

Ntel pleaded with her customers and fans to be patient with their slow approach to services, ensuring everyone that things will get better as time goes on.

Ntel Second SIM Pick-up Address In Abuja
2nd SIM pick-up location up in Abuja - Plot
697 Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2.

more updates coming Soon!!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Price and Specification of HTC One S9 With 2GB Ram

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HTC has officially unveiled the HTC One S9 mid-range smartphone. There’s nothing special here, as it retains the same design we’re used to.

In a bid to support fast Internet surfing, online video streaming and downloading, the device supports 4G LTE network though in other developed countries, they are now
talking about 5G network.

It uses a Gorilla Screen technology but as usual, HTC can't just stop hurting us with their battery capacity. Why 2840mAh at this
point in time when other phones are giving their fans as much as 5050mAh and 6000mAh capacity battery.

Anyway, apart from the battery, (though not too bad), i think every other spec is cool and major features you would use on a smartphone is available on the device. So see the full specs and price of the HTC One S9 device below.

See Specs of HTC 10 with 4GB Ram


GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100
4G: FDD-LTE 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800), 28(700), 38(2600), 40(2300), 41(2500)
SIM Type: Nano-SIM
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Dimensions: 144.6 × 69.7 × 10.09 mm
Weight: 158 g
Display: 5-inch, 1080 x 1920 pixels (443 PPI), Super LCD capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass
Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity, Magnetic, Compass


Processor Type: Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53
Processor Name: MediaTek® Helio ™ X10
Graphics Processor: PowerVR G6200
Internal Storage: 16 GB
External Storage: microSD, up to 2 TB(Terabyte]


Rear: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, OIS, Bicolor LED flash
Video recording: 1080p@30fps, 4k
Front-facing: HTC Ultra Pixel ™ with 2 micron pixels, 1080p at 30fps


Music Support: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, M4A, MKA,
Loudspeaker: Yes, HTC Boom Sound ™ with Dolby Audio ™ *
Video Support: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
FM Radio: Yes


Bluetooth: v4.1
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: microUSB v2.0


Battery: 2840 mAh
Launch Date: April 26, 2016
Availability: April 2016. In Germany first, then other countries.

Launch Price: $566

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Is Now Available On Blackberry Priv Devices

A post was published on this blog sometime ago that android 6.0 Marshmallow Update will be available for Blackberry Priv devices which isbthe only surviving blackberry device (because it runs on full android OS).See Details Here

This Marshmallow update started rolling out some minutes ago on all Blackberry devices bought directly from Blackberry while those that bought theirs from elsewhere, will start receiving the update by May 3, 2016.


==> Customized Personal Data Permissions – For managing apps demands to access your personal data.

==> DTEK will let you turn permissions off at any time and still continue to use the app.

==> Clearer Notification Settings

==> Over 200 new and updated emojis New Keyboard Gestures – Ability to drag your finger across the keys to enter words on the virtual and/or physical keyboard.

==> Enhanced Word Prediction – The
keyboard anticipates your next word based on where you place your fingers on keys.

==> Also, predictive typing learns words with numbers and delivers better name suggestions based on your contacts.

==> Better Cursor Control – Activate “Cursor Control” mode on the physical keyboard for easier positioning and control.

==> There are also improvements with BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry launcher.

==> Battery life is also improved with Doze functionality.

==> Camera is not left out too, as users can now record videos at 24fps, one can also capture slow motion videos at 120fps.

Finally, Mtn Has Blocked our Life Plus Free browsing Cheat

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credit, ntel free credit, etisalat free credit, mtn 2go MB, mtn WhatsApp mb, mtn blasst MB.

Hello Guys, Report Just Came to us that Our mtn Unlimted Browsing Via Life plus just stopped working now, and it has been confirmed by me, So Mtn Has Left us Stranded again in the internet World, but my guess is that some of you are still Enjoying it, if you are among those still Flexing it let us know, and if your has been disconnected also let us know

Some said Someone reported This Life plus free browsing cheat.. see screen shot below..


don't worry we are still cooking up something nice and good.. stay updated....

Volvo Sets to Bring Its Self-driving Car To London

Drive-free cars are the reigning vehicles now and i see them becoming rampant in few years to come. These cars can travel a
number of kilometers on their own without a human being operating them. That's why technology is the best thing that ever happened to mankind.

According to the senior technical leader for crash avoidance at Volvo, Trent Victor "In autonomous mode, the car can handle all situations that occur," he continued "Going down a stretch of road, the car takes the
responsibility for extreme events. If you don't take over, if you just want to do email, the car will take the responsibility and safely stop at the side of the road." Victor said.

Then, Volvo is not just wanting to convey the car to United Kingdom however plans are in progress to take it to United States soon however the real date is not yet made open as at the season of distributed this report.

The Volvo drive me occasion will likewise hit Asia and different nations from there on.

Apple reports first drop in revenue in over a decade now

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Apple has reported its earnings for Q2 2016 which runs from the beginning of January to the end of March and as expected, things are
not looking so good in the Apple Share price.

Everything from sales to revenue has gone down. The Apple Incorporation company sold fewer iPhones, iPads and Macs versus both last quarter and the same quarter last year. Meanwhile, Apple made $10.5 billion in profit and $50.6 billion in revenue, compared to $13.6 billion in profit and $58 billion in revenue in Q1 of 2015..

You can see the overall sales report of Apple Share below:

For The Apple Incoporation, this is historic, albeit for the wrong reason as this is the first time Apple’s revenue/ Apple shares and the iPhone sales have declined
significantly compared to the same period a year ago.

According to Tim Cook,

“Our team executed
extremely well in the face of strong
macroeconomic headwinds. We are very happy with the continued strong growth in revenue from Services, thanks to the incredible strength of the Apple ecosystem and our
growing base of over one billion active devices.”

Meanwhile, Apple is also predicting that they would have an even lower revenue in Q3 of 2016 – $41-43 billion.

UPDATE: Just a tiny reminder, despite the
sales report, Apple is still insanely rich and
just to understand how rich they are, see this
tweet below:

Tech Punishment: See how Students were Made To Write 1000 Emoticons For Coming late to school

there are a tech university so it is only fitting they get tech punishments, right?

This is absolutely hilarious but interesting. Some students of a technical University were forced to write 📝 1000 emoticons for coming late to school and the pictures of the punishment went viral on the Internet.

According to CNbeta , a Professor in Chengdu’s University of Electronic Science and Technology punishes latecomers by making them write out 1000 emoticons. (‘~`;) for coming late to school.

See Photos below.

The photos of the written emoticons leaked online and the Internet had a field day with it. Some felt it was an interesting way of forcing students to quit their bad habits while
others questioned the logic behind the punishment..

If only they were told to draw the emojis.#lol

How To Reduce Data Usage When Streaming YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world's biggest stage for sharing videos of all kind. The video database on YouTube is huge to the point that you will be confounded of what to watch once you have data (MB) on your telephone or PC.

New videos are been added every minutes to even increase the numbers and new subscribers keep signing in and uploading videos of all kind. Some videos records
amazing number of views under few months on YouTube.

Notwithstanding, one noteworthy thing that dependably frighten individuals off from streaming recordings on YouTube is the way the site or the application su.cks data. It devours a great deal of data under couple of minutes of streaming a video. Considering the high cost of data subscription, no individual might want to fumes his or her data on YouTube regardless of
how intriguing the video is.


This is a common question among users of this video streaming database. They keep on wondering why too much data is been spend
watching a movie on YouTube than watching the same movie on Mobdro . Well, the truth is not far fetched because the major cause of
the high data consumption on YouTube is that at default, all videos are set to stream on HD (High Definition) format meaning you
will enjoy a clearer view and nice sound quality but you pay back with your data.


Step 1. First of all, launch the YouTube application

Step 2. Goto the app settings > general on the YouTube application.

Step 3. While you are at the general settings, toggle on “Limit mobile data usage”.

That's all. What you just did is telling the app to always use the standard medium video format whenever you are watching videos. This can save up to 50% of your Internet mobile data while you are on YouTube. Remember that most times the
effect won't be really noticeable as the picture and sound qualities will still be clear enough.

Meanwhile, the HD streaming will be
reactivated anytime you are connected to a WiFi network.
I hope this piece of short guideline helps you.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Facebook Messenger Now Supports Group Calls With Up To 50 Recipients

Facebook is improving it’s service and that of
other products under it’s portfolio. I even hear
they will be launching a Facebook camera app to
enable users share pictures easily.
Anyway, this report is in regards Facebook
Messenger app being updated to support group
calls with up to 50 recipients. A group chat can
turn into a VoIP group phone call at the tap of
the phone icon on the screen.

The initiator of the group call can view the list of
participants engaging in the conversation and can
also remove participants from the group call by
simply turning to the next page.
According to Facebook Messenger Spokesman,
this feature was introduced in other to aid those
who wish they could do more than just typing.

Having to type sometimes can be a pain in the
butt and having to just talk could feel much
better and much stress-free. With the group call
feature, users can simply engage in group
conversations using voice instead of typing.
In other to get this feature rolling on your device,
you have to update the messenger app to it’s
latest version and it is currently only available on
iOS and Android platforms.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Another Mtn Unlimited browsing and Downloading April 2016

hello Guys, Finally Mtn Has Fallen Again..

Unlimted browsing and Downloading with your Mtn Sim and no VPN is required to do this..

How to Activate Yours

just Dial this Code
you should get a welcome Message.

after that Msg. just on your Data and keep on Downloading.

Note: The Mb is Capped at 100MB after you Have Exhusted your MB. just dial *406*1# to Migrate to MTN ipulse.

After migrating to Mtn ipulse just dial *460*6# to Activate the Plan Again.. Keep on Repeating this Step to download upto 10GB file for free.

kindly Share to others and Drop your Comments!!!!

how to Root Tecno Boom J8 and install TWRP

I know you love Tecno Boom J8 because the music blast is completely out of this world. As long as I’m concern, Tecno Boom J8 is still a virgin until it is rooted. The need to back up with TWRP will definitely come into play but you have to root your device first of all. Rooting your android device makes you the boss and owner of that device otherwise your device owns you.

Tecno Boom J8 is one of the newly released Tecno devices in 2016 and one major aspect tecno concentrated on while producing this
device was the media quality. The Boom J8 plays music like the way its name sounds. In fact, it gives a blast of music experience.

I’m simply going to show you the easiest method for rooting Tecno Boom J8 in less than 4min.

Check out the Specs of Boom J8 Here

==>Download KingRoot V4.9 here

==>Internet access. Either Wireless or your phone's data service must be put on.

How to Root Tecno Boom j8

1- Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and mark it on.
This enables your phone to install apps not downloaded or downloadable from the Play Store.

2- Install the downloaded King Root Application on your device

3- Launch Kingroot application on the phone. Tap the blue button at the bottom to start rooting. Wait for the process to complete 100%.

Note: If your phone reboot in the process before completing the process, its simply because of poor internet connection. Restart your device and the rooting process again.

4. When the root operation is complete, the Kingroot Application will give you a success message

5. Reboot your device and a new app called King User should be installed on your device.
To verify if your Tecno Boom J8 has been rooted, go to play store or here and download Root checker.

How to Install TWRP on Tecno Boom J8

Once you’ve successfully rooted your awesome music blast Tecno boom J8, you can then go to play store and download Root Checker.

=> Download TWRP Here and carefully install it on your device.

This application makes it possible for you to Backup, Restore, and Wipe your phone's data.

kindly Use the comment Box if you Have any question!!!

SPONSORED : Laptop chargers on Jiji: buy from real people is a place, where users can sell their stuff to and buy different things from other real people. On the one hand, it sounds too schematic and ubdefied, but it is what Jiji really is. It is the biggest Nigerian classifieds website with the huge collection of offers. There are more than ten categories of different items and services, so users can buy and order everything in one place.

Jiji reminds a market and demonstrates what it looks like after changing the domain. Due to the opportunities suggested by web technologies, every ad is available throughout the country. It means that a number of potential buyers amounts to the number of the Internet users! What is more, anyone can post ads on Jiji for free, and it makes the website more and more popular

Jiji provides conditions for convenient shopping for sellers, but it doesn’t sell anything. Everything is simple: Jiji is not a web store. It is an online shopping platform, and its task is to take care of users. Here people can communicate directly with each other and forget about worrying for their safety and security.

One o the most noticeable Jiji’s advantages is the wide selection of things. You can get a new car and a laptop charger equally easy. Even laptop chargers category provides a number of tags and filters that let to specify your search ad get a perfect list of offers. To get what you need, just choose an item and contact a seller. It is easy due to the contacts provided in every ad. You can also ask for more details before buying.

Jiji is the biggest shopping spot in the country with over 530,000 active ads and more than 10,000,000 monthly visitors. And it knows how to take care of every user. Check out the website, find a laptop charger, and maybe you’ll want to stay here longer.

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How to use Airtel Blackberry 10 Subscription on Android phone and PC

This plan doesn’t zap like the normal Airtel
Blackberry plan . It charges you normal. This plan is supposed to work only on Blackberry devices but you can now use it on your Android devices.

Why Should I Use This Plan?
=>Airtel Network is fast in most locations
=>It is cheaper than glo blackberry plan
=>It doesn’t zap like the normal Airtel Android plan
=>It is easy to activate.

==>Blackberry 10 IMEI
==>Patience in tweaking the imei
==>Activate the plan

Tweak this Blackberry 10 IMEI 356760051192 by randomly adding any three digit to it.

==>Go to this Site

==>Input the known 12 digits e.g 356760051192

==>Add 2 digits to the already known 12 digits making 15 digits e.g 35676005119254 and click Copy to Clipboard

==>Then it will Display you the Last Digit of the IMEI to make it 15 Digits.

How Can I Tweak The IMEI to my Android Phone?

Follow the guide here if you don’t already know how to[Non-Root Users]


Follow the Instructions Here[Rooted Users]

How Can I Activate the plan?
>Subscribe to Airtel Blackberry Plan 3GB for N1,000 by dialing *431#

=>Leave your phone apn to normal Airtel apn

=>to check your data balance, dial *140#

For PC Users

Just activate the plan on your Android and use your Hotspot to connect to your PC.
With this in place, you don’t need to worry about Glo BIS again on your Android. If you are still confuse, kindly ask your question using the comment box.

See how to tether phone internet connection to Pc Using PDAnet

Sunday, 24 April 2016

See Specification and price of Acer Liquid Zest plus

This Gadget Comes With 2gb RAM, we anticipate to sense seamless telephone operation.

As for surfing and downloading, the smartphone comes with 4G LTE community and also it functions android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box


GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: HSDPA 900 /1900/ 2100
SIM Type: Nano-SIM

Operating System
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Display: 5.5-inch, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 PPI), IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity and Compass

Processor Type: Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53
Processor Name: Mediatek MT6735
Graphics Processor: Mali-T720MP2

Internal Storage: 16 GB
External Storage: microSD, up to 128 GB

Rear: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, phase detection/laser autofocus, LED flash
Video recording: 1080p@30fps, HDR
Front-facing: 5 MP, wide angle, 1080p@30fps video

Music Support: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, M4A, MKA,
Loudspeaker: Yes, DTS HD sound
Video Support: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
FM Radio: Yes

Bluetooth: v4.0
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: microUSB v2.0

Fast battery charging.
Battery: 5000 mAh

Launch and Price
Launch Date: April, 2016
Availability: April 2016
Launch Price: $250

What do you think about this device?