New method on how to activate the Latest Mtn Magic Sim 2016 with N100

I know that some of you are trembling now because Mtn have blocked the process of Activating The Latest Mtn Magic Sim 2016 yesterday, which i made it clear to you guys..#Read Here

Well, while i was updating that post, i was already cooking another Magic sim with another Method, and gladly, today i got a positive answer, which am about to share with you guys now.

So if you haven't activated your own Magic sim, this is yet another opportunity to do so as the price of this new method is even lesser than the previous one…

New method on how to activate the Latest Mtn Magic Sim 2016 with N100

1. Migerate to Mtn ipulse with *406# and Transfer 100 naira to the mtn sim you want to activate. (don't recharge the mtn sim you are about to activate, just make a transfer of 100 naira to the sim To avoid additional data that mtn will give u)

2. Now dial *104# to subscribe for MTN 10mb daily plan which cost 100naira. After dialing it, your 100 naira will be deducted from your sim.

3. Now, browse for 5 or 10 mins using GPRS or EDGE (adviceable)

4. Then remove the mtn sim from your phone after 10mins or 5mins and keep it for 24hours, (so that the magic will be well cooked.)

5. Then after 24hours, insert the Sim back into your phone then ON your data.

NOTE: that You may recieve a message from MTN after inserting your mtn sim. A text that reads

" Your daily subscription have expired
Kindly ignore the message and
start enjoying your free browsing and downloading. You
have successfully activated your MTN sim to a Magic sim.

Kindly comment if it works for you and don't forget to share this cheat by clicking the share button below so as to appreciate me.


  1. Cyberboffin.

    Tnx for stoping by..

  2. Pls admin can i do it now or currently it has stopped?

    1. Sorry, but all magic sim was blocked this morning....

  3. i cant subscribe on my former magic sim,they keep telling me that my 2h is still active,any help on that?


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