Mtn finally stopped Free night calls service

Recently Mtn stopped the TrueTalk+ tarriff plan and now again they have stopped the free Midnight calls that
have being saving lives, most especially the students.

I'm sure guys that has being using this free mid-night call will testify how it has helped them in so many ways and also save them from little cash, not only that, it also helped them to get in touch with their lovers and pals that are far from them.,
The sad news now is that, MTN has stopped the free mid-night call services.

When Xtracool was launched by MTN in 2006, it was welcomed by all categories of people especially the youths and students because it saved many from very high rate of call charges as at that time. The
free midnight call starts at every 12:30am midnight till 4:30am in the morning.
Anyone with at least N100 on his or her MTN SIM was eligible for the free calls. Youths seized the opportunity to interact with others at lengthbecause that time WhatsApp wasn't available to everyone as it is right now and cost of call and
SMS was high so the free midnight call was the only saviour and opportunity to talk like a big man on the phone.

This is a statement from MTN on why they stopped Xtracool Midnight calls.

"Please cascade to the associates that MTN happy
hour call (Free night call) which started October 2006 has been discontinued effect tonight, as directed by NCC.
Hence, all happy hours calls will be billed from tonight.
Thank you."

So guys how do you see this? Are you still making night calls at this time?
However, we are yet to here from other networks to know if they will follow suit.


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