Guys, what do you think airtel Did to MTN, Did Airtel Hit On MTN With This ‘Welcome To Airtel’ Video Ad? Watch disturbing Video

Airtel recently launched a new prepaid plan known as
Welcome To Airtel . It is a plan specifically for new Airtel users as the plan gives new subscribers 5x the value of every recharge.
In other to promote the new service and to lure more subscribers to the Airtel Network, Airtel launched a video ads which in my opinion, tend to hit on the MTN Network.

In the video, a man walks into a place which seem as a restaurant with a yellow hand-bag and a yellow phone (as we all know, MTN is known with the yellow color while other telecommunication companies are known with other different colors).
The man tried making a call and
due to network problems, he threw the phone to a couch closeby.
At that point, the bag came alive and run out of the place (Imagine!). The man decides to pursue acting like one super hero lol. The bag ran into an Airtel office and
the man followed. He was welcomed by two gorgeous ladies (I wonder why they choose ladies instead of men).
Thereafter, a man came offering an Airtel phone which he took and his bag suddenly turned from Yellow to Red and as we are know, Airtel is known with the Red
color. Now, that clearly shows the network hitting on MTN just the same way etisalat was said to had hit on MTN
few years back with a video AD.
While I may be wrong and I stand to be corrected, I want you to watch the video ADS below and tell me what you honestly think using the comment session.


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