Bad News - Mtn Magic sim for unlimited browsing and downloading 2016 Has stopped working

That Akward moment, when Mtn Decided To Block our Only Means of downloading and browsing Unlimitedly without Fear.

Anyway our internet life still goes on.

However, the bad news is that this evening as at this Evening, i was trying to Activate the Magic Sim but the magic SIM refused to get activated the normal way we used to do it. After dialing the activation code which is the 2hrs
data plan, Mtn refused to respond, and even when they
reply, you will get a message as below...

" Sorry, the service you want to buy 2H is
not available. Thank you! "

What will really happen to those that are currently this cheat if this cheat eventually stops. Will they still continue browsing free?

To those that want to activate their Mtn sim, what reply are you guys getting?

To those that have already activated their Magic sim, are you guys still browsing free? Am still browsing and Surfing Unlimitedly

So Let me hear from you guys via the comment box below.


  1. Am still using mine..

  2. Oga Mula.. I heard that there is another one of #100 is it true?

  3. Nonso..ya, i will confirm it by tomorrow


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