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Very Hot >> how to get Mtn 10GB for free

Mehn.. They don't have our power as we are in full force this time around.. Mtn 10GB is Here Again and it blazing hot..

According to Wikipedia, April 1st is called April Fools day or Fools day„ and you Happened to be Fool by Me... Hehehe...

Anyway, nothing like Mtn 10Gb as the image above is Mtn SME Data, and Am using this Medium to Say Happy New Month to you Guys, because This Month Will surely Bring Alot of Goodies to us oo.. More free browsing Cheatz and Many more.

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Guys, Watch Infinix Hot3 1Min Video - is it really Worthy?

The Infinix Hot3 is the latest Infinix smartphone to be launch. It is a predecessor of the Hot 2, a smartphone that is part of the Android One Program, launched in September 2015.

The Infinix Hot 3 has already aroused lots of interest among smartphones lovers, tech addict and tech bloggers. But the question you should be concern with is that if the Hot 3 a worthy upgrade from the Hot2? 

Checkout the Specs of Infinix Hot 3

A couple of some hardware properties give the Hot 3 an edge over the Hot 2. The edge comes primarily from the larger, more sophisticated display as well as a larger battery capacity.

The software is also another highlight. The Hot 2 ran a pure version of Android while the Hot 3 runs a customized version of Android that is complemented by the XUI outlay is beautiful, gorgeous to be fair, especially when you compare it to Pure Android. 

Watch The Video Below and tell me if it really Worthy.

You Also Download It here

The question is, is the Hot3 better than
the Hot 2? What do…

Android 6.0 Bug Fixes Update is Available For Infinix Hot 2 X510

Infinix Hot 2 users, an update is available for you for those that don’t know. Sometimes in January, Infinix released Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Infinix Hot 2 devices and a lot of people upgraded their devices only to discovered that it came with lots of bugs such as; not seeing your memory space, faulty camera, contact name not displaying etc which prompted some users to downgrade back to Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The good news is that an update is available that fixes the bugs of Androiod 6.0 Marshmallow on Infinix Hot 2. Added to the update is a Ram booster and lots more.

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How to Upgrade Your Infinix
Hot 2 Android One to Android
6.0 Marshmallow

If you are already running Android 6.0 on your Infinix Hot 2, no need to downgrade again, just go to your system update and you’ll see  Android 6.0 update version (852MB) available, March edition. Download it and install it. Make sure you have a good internet connection.

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Etisalat Chatpack and social Me users, use this proxy server on your psiphon

Recently, i got complaints from some guys about Etisalat chat pack not connecting with out normal proxy Server which is, so immediately i switched to my Etisalat sim and tried it, but it did not work.. So i started trying different servers and luckily i got one.

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So, am going to share it with Etisalat Chat pack Users

All you have to do is to change your Proxy server to =>

Also read Etisalat Monthly Chat pack is now N400

If you are New to the Settings via Psihon..

That's all.. save and connect.. If you have Any problem with it,Kindly Use the comment box and share this post..

Hot >> How to get Airtel 4GB with N1,500 and 6GB with N2,500

This is Really Amazing Right? Atleast some of us won't have to go through the Sadness of BBlited that was sunk into the sea.

Anyway,i bring you Another Airtel Biggest hit as we are Entering this New month.

There is nothing odd about what you are going to read, the main abnormal thing is the Extra Stuffs included. Airtel network as of now is quick in all area and it is slow in some area. Everyone needs less expensive internet subscription, tragically, what you have possibly too substantial a weight for you to hold up lunder. Truly, you can get Airtel 4GB for N1,500 or
6GB for N2,500 just on the off chance that you take after the dependable guidelines i'm about to reveal to you guys.

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The most important things here is for you to get another Airtel SIM. Old sim will never work with this steps, so don't play smart. New sim works since you are on
'Welcome to Airtel' package which offers 5 times esteem on each recharge you …

Good News- Instagram Extends Video Length To 60 Second, iOS Users To Even Do More

Today, Instagram came up with good news for its users as they have now extended the former 30 seconds video length to 60 seconds. This simply means you can now upload a full minute video on your Instagram for your followers to enjoy.

Instagram is the top photo uploading and sharing social media used by all classes of people. All the stars and public figures are found on Instagram but the most active of them are football stars, musical and movie stars who upload their pictures every now and then.

This statement was posted on Instagram official site, “We want to bring you fun, flexible and creative ways to create and watch video on Instagram. As part of our continued commitment, you’ll soon have the flexibility to tell your story in up to 60 seconds of video. This is one step of many you’ll see this year”

All iPhone and iPad users can now even do more as they are now giving the ability to stitch together multiple videos as one. Thi…

Best Data Recovery Apps for Android smart phones

I need not tell you how painful it can be  to lose your most important files, it can be demoralizing really. If you are using an android smartphone you will need some luck to be able to escape file loss during your usage.
This is the more reason you have to get ready for the “evil days” by having a data recovery system for when things goes red for your files.
In this post, I have put together 5 data recovery apps you can try on any Android device. Let’s explore them.

 Best Data Recovery Apps for Android smart phonesUnDeleterUndeleter is a very reliable app when it involves recovering those files you deleted in error on your Android smartphone, tablet devices and/or PDAs.
Unfortunately though, Undeleter is only available for rooted smartphones see how to root android phones So if your phone is successfully rooted, then you have no worries. Here are the key features of the Undeleter app:
Ability to restore all kinds of files, excluding those that are not written overWipe or share fi…

Airtel Blackberry Bundle Plans & Activation Codes 2016

despite the fact that the internet have turned their back on blackberry users, blackberry phones have the cheapest data plans, and we cant deny it. I have been able to make a list of Airtel Blackberry Bundle Plans & Activation Codes for this 2016 and the best part of it is that they actually work on our Android smart phones..

Airtel Blackberry Bundle Plans & Activation Codes 2016
PlanNormal Data Allowance (MB)Retail Price (N)Validity period (days)USSD Activation Code (NEW)SMS Activation CodeBES Monthly

Plan1,0245,75030*440*21*18#besmonthBES Weekly

Plan1001,5007*440*21*17#besweekBES Daily

Plan104001*440*21*16#besdayBIS Monthly

Plan1,0243,00030*440*21*4#bismonthBIS Weekly

Plan1001,0007*440*21*5#bisweekBIS Daily

Plan102001*440*21*6#bisdayBlackberry Complete Monthly1,0241,40030*440*21*7#bcmBlackberry Complete Weekly1004007*440*21*8#bcwBlackberry Complete Daily101001*440*21*9#bcdBlackberry Social Monthly1,0241,20030*440*21*10#bsmBlackberry Social Weekly1004007*440*21*11#bswBlackberry Socia…

Xiaomi the apple of china is Coming Back With 4.3-inch Smartphone, 3GB Ram

Xiaomi the apple of China seems to be going back to the smaller size incher probably to get back to the recently launched iPhone SE 4incher.
According to what gizchina reported, a mystery Xiaomi phone with 4.3-inch display has been revealed on Chinese tech sites.
Rumors are the phone will boast a 720p HD display, 13 mega-pixel rear camera (No OIS), 3GB RAM, 32GB memory and a 1.8Ghz Snapdragon 820 chipset.

From the picture, there is a physical home button on the chin like the Xiaomi Mi5 where we expect a fingerprint scanner to be located. If you’ve been an avid lover of Xiaomi devices, you’ll noticed the similarities between the new phone and the old Xiaomi Mi2; same size, same resolution display and I bet most people will love to go back to 4.3 incher devices.
The phone will be reportedly launched in June for around $275.

Something should be special about 4 incher devices considering the facts that all Android devices are 5inches, 5.5inches and only recently some brand began diving into…

How to update Infinix Hot Note to the latest XUI 1.N.3.1

a new Updates is available for all Infinix Hot Note clients. The past upgrade accompanied a few bugs and infinix chose to settle those bugs. While you are as yet sitting tight for Marshmallow update for your gadget, its prudent you upgrade it with this most recent update.

Recommended 6 Things to do before Buying a New Smart phone

Settled issues:
1. Issue where text style director once in a while slammed is settled
2. Enhanced framework director interface ease of use and bug fix
3. Issue where some applications can't be organized or utilized is settled
4. Different bugs is altered

Added Function

1. Three fingers screenshot is added
2. Climate capacity is added
3. Affirmation for close down and restart alternatives is added
4. Download speed presentation is added
5. Screen recording capacity is added
6. Xshare capacity is added
7. Brisk wallpaper swap is added.

Upgraded things:
1. Evacuate pin warning in notice bar, when turn on
Mobile Anti-Theft.
Recommended Android 6.0 Marshmallo…

6 Important Factors to consider before Buy a new Smartphone

Purchasing a new Android smartphone can be more difficult than it sounds. With so many alternatives and different form-factors, it’s easy to get struck with a temporary decision paralysis, fearing you’ll make a wrong choice and end up with less than an ideal smartphone.

The mobile market is big. I mean, very big. Month in, month out, we constantly hear reports of newly released phones, soon to be released phones and hopefully to be
released phones. In as much as there are lots of phones in the market, you sure wouldn’t want to make a mistake of buying a phone you will later end up wishing you never did. If you’ve heard that experience, am sure you wouldn’t want to have it again.

6 Important Factors to consider before Buy a new Smartphone

1. make sure you have a list : A popular saying has it that
variety is the spice of life . So also, economics
has proven that human wants are unlimited. Due to the fact that there are numerous phones in the market, it is always nice to make a list of phones…

Leaked photos Of Huawei P9 Reveal Dual Camera Setup

Huawei plans to unveil its flagship device for 2016 next month but we’ve already seen what the device looks like in leaked images. Huawei P9 will have a dual-camera setup and from the leaked photos, it looks like a metal-clad device.
The two cameras are rumored to have pixel resolutions of 12MP each and
they are expected to come equipped with optical image stabilization. If you’re wondering why this is a big deal.

Recommended See photos and Specs of Samsung S7

Huawei P9 will likely come with
Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin 950 SoC, a processor with 8 cores in two
clusters. There’s a 4x Cortex A72
cluster clocked at 2.3 GHz and
another 4x Cortex A53 clocked at 1.8
GHz. The device will come in 4GB RAM or 3GB RAM depending on the variant.

There’s a fingerprint sensor around
the back.

Huawei P9 is also said to come with a
5.2-inch screen and a 1080p resolution but this is not yet confirmed. This looks doubtful since most flagship products already released this year sport 2k resolution.

The leaked images …

Guys, This 5.5 inch Android 5.1 Phone With 8GB ROM Cost N15,000 only

If you are quite conversant with the current situation in Nigeria, especially with the forex exchange rate, you should be aware that prices of smartphones these days is no joke.

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S7 which cost over N200,000

The recently launched Infinix zero 3 which was originally launched with a price tag of around N40,000, now cost around N60,000. This increase in prices have made the average Nigerian, save almost twice just because of a phone.

Anyway, while surfing the internet, I stumbled on this N15,000+ phone on Jumia and this ‘might’ just be a lifesaver considering the cost of gadgets lately. -

This N15,000+ phone is known as the Homtom HT7. While the price of the phone looks appealing, this is the first time I’d be hearing of such brand and since i haven’t laid my hands on any review of the device, i am not totally going to vogue for it but then, like the popular saying goes ‘a trial will convince you‘.

A little into the specs of the android phone, the device spor…

Man Buys an iPhone In Computer Village But Gets Nokia With Antenna, See photos

I was browsing this morning and i saw this post, decided to share with you guys.

As we all know, Computer village is one of the most popular places you can get smartphones, computers and other gadgets in Lagos State, Nigeria. While the place is the most resort for people looking for phones, most people are often defrauded there.

I mean, we have heard series of stories in regards this market place. Latest report has it that a man went to the market to buy an iPhone and on-getting home, he realizes he had been given a Nokia phone with Antenna instead of the iPhone he paid for.

You can see images of the supposed iPhone turn Nokia below:

You wonder how this is possible? Well, haven’t you heard real stories of how some people buy a phone in the market and even-though the phone was properly tested before they paid, on-getting home, they find fufu or other things inside the phone. Same trick applies.

This is why it is highly recommended that you go with someone who understands phones and possibly…

Happy Easter To all Gistpluz Fans Out there

I just want to use this Medium to Wish you Guys a Happy Easter.

You guys have been doing wonderfully well since this blog was initiated in 2014, i don't think i can do it without you guys.

I pray that the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ will bring Good things to our Lifes as individuals and also Resurrect New Browsing Cheat This New Month In Jesus Name. Just Comment Amen to claim yours..

It still your Boy Emeka Nwonye Aka MULA Stay in touch and keep on visiting my blog..

Mind Blowing Device, See specifications and price of Vernee Apollo Smartphone With 6GB RAM

The primary function of a phone for immediate and seamless performance is an improved and higher (RAM) length and this loopy device have more than sufficient and this placed it simply the 3rd telephone with 6GB RAM released this year so far.

Vernee is a new Chinese high-technology company and they have already stamped their foot and showing glimpse that they can take over the smartphone industry in no time. Their devices are one in town with amazing specs.

Vernee displayed its flagship device in 2016 with the Apollo which is powered by the latest MediaTek Helio X20 Chip at the release conference, thereby waging war against other competitors in the industry.


The Vernee Apollo Smartphone comes packed with crazy specs that beat any other device at the same price range. This is why I still respect China. The country is just too creative and industrious. This beast of a phone has 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and 21.0MP Super Sony IMX230 rear camera. In addition, the display size is 5.5 i…

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge lunched in Nigeria, See photos and speeches

The brand new gadgets from Samsung has been successfully released in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria and now available on authorised on-line and offline stores. Checkout the assertion from Samsung and some pics from the event. #thenextgalaxy

You may be wondering why this device is getting so much hype and publicity, well, it's because of the features and specs it has…
See Specification of Galaxy S7 Here

Read Statement

"As a testament to Samsung’s commitment to developing best-in-class products to meet the ever-changing needs of its consumers, the leading maker of consumer electronics has launched into the Nigerian market the most advanced smartphones in its stable, the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7. The devices were formally unveiled on Wednesday, March 23rd at a launch event held at Hard Rock Cafe, Victoria Island, Lagos. Successors to Galaxy S6 Edge and S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7 are a blend of premium components with the most advanced Samsung technology. They are imbued with in…

How to enjoy Mtn Musicplus Unlimitedly with just N15

March and April 2016 Free browsing cheat > How to enjoy Mtn Musicplus Unlimitedly with just N15

Hello Guys, i know Many of you have been struggling with Mtn Bis not working again After Exhausting your 10MB„ but this is only limited to some selected sim, because am actually using the Bis Via Psiphon to write this post.. See my Bis Settings here and i know some of you are still rocking The Mtn Bis.

I want to show you a trick on how to continue using MTN MusicPlus Unlimited With just 15 Naira. At the moment there is scarcity of free browsing tweaks but I am working very hard and committed to bringing free and affordable Browsing solutions to all the followers and Readers of this blog.

So i was going through a blog this morning and i came across this post, i tried it on my friend's phone, Luckily it worked, so i decided not to hesitate in letting you guys know about it.

If you have been regular on this blog, you will attest to it that MTN MusicPlus was among the best free browsing …

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Running Android M 6.0

Samsung's latest flagship devices are two of the most beautiful, powerful smartphones ever made. And amazingly enough, thanks to legendary root developer Chainfire, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are about to get even more powerful.

Shortly after being released, a root method for these two awesome phones was made available, and it's just about as quick, painless, and easy as rooting can be. So if you're interested in modding your new S7 or S7 edge with all sorts of cool software tweaks, I'll go over the process in detail below.

Also read See the Amazing Specification of Samsung Galaxy S7


TWRP stands for "Team Win Recovery Project" and its a popular custom recovery that is used to carry out some operations that can’t be done on the stock recovery. We can easily install custom ROMs, Root our phones via flashing of SuperSU, flashing custom files, Installing boot animations plus flashing any other flashable files on phones with the he…

Specifications and Price of Doogee Y300 4G With 32GB Internal Memory

It's miles glossy, slim and beautiful. I recognise you adore Doogee merchandise, and Doogee loves you too that is why you have this cool romantic device. Doogee Y300 is new and is derived with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, SONY IMX219 8.0MP AF with actual flash LED + PIP mode (SW13.0MP) rear camera , the front digital camera five.0MP (OV8.0MP).

full specification below;

Dimensions : 155.1 mm x 77.6 mm x 5.3 mm
Weight : 145 grams

Touchscreen: Capacitive touchscreen

Display Size, Type: 5.5", IPS TFT, 267 PPI (pixel density), Multi-touch
Resolution, Colors: 1280 x 720 pixels, 16 M

SIM Type: Dual SIM

Processor & Chipset
Quad core 1.5 GHz Cortex A53 &
MediaTek MT6735

GPU : Mali T720 GPU

Camera: 8MP back camera, 5MP front camera


Internal Memory: 32 GB

External Memory: Expandable upto 128 GB (MicroSD)

OTA: Yes

OTG: Yes

Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh

Colors Black, White

Price: $129.99

If you love slim and lite smart phones then Doogee Y300 4G is probably the…

latest etisalat cheat

Hot >> How to Free Airtime on All Nigerian Network for free

How It Works
You need the Sliide Airtime App! Use the code GISTPLUZ when signing up and get 100 Naira free airtime.
Click Here to Download App and start receiving Free Airtime

Remeber you must use the refer code GISTPLUZ when siging up to get your first airtime.

You can accumulate so many credit by referring the app and your unique code to others. You get free 100 naira each time someone signes up with your code. Some people have gotten more than N10,000 already.

When you are okay with your free money, you just have to cash out and it will reflect in your account balance. As easy as that.

What You Can Do With The Free Airtime
==> Making of calls
==> Sending of SMS
==> Subscribing for MTN BBLITED

To check your credit balance, dial *559*4#.

√ How To Get Free Airtime from my Ads App By Just Receiving Calls

At the moment, am only sure of MTN, will update you guys if it's working on other networks too.

So guys, join the trend and enjoy this Awoof while it lasts..

See screenshots

Wow Whatsapp Sets to Let You Write in Bold, Italic & Underline writings

WhatsApp has come an extended manner benching 2go, masses of functions has been introduced to it, a few months in the past an unreleased model of WhatsApp was noticed with video calling hopefully it will likely be released later in the future. And the final update WhatsApp rolled out lets in you to ship PDF files and all…

The next update of WhatsApp you should expect will be coming with support for Bold Italic Underline feature.

To write in italics, you need to add underscores before and after your text. For example, _italics_ automatically becomes italic .
To write in bold as well, asterisks are required before and after your text. Writing *bold* becomes bold.
You can as well combine both.

I guess you’ll like to have a feel of what the new update looks like.

This Company Sets to surprise you by producing New Smartphone Every month

Are you a smartphone lover? You haven’t seen something . This phone business enterprise has taken it upon itself to be producing new telephone each month. You could not have heard of them but a Bangalore based begin-up has taken it upon itself to launch a new
cellphone so one can see new OS stage updates every month.

Creo, formerly known as Mango Man Consumer Electronics, has announced its plans to launch its smartphone – the Creo Mark 1

See the rumored spec below

The Mark 1 will likely sport a display which is less than 5 inches, quite possibly a 4.6 inch display. The phone will reportedly run on a 1.9 GHz Octa Core MediaTek Helio X10 MT6795 processor alongside a 3 GB RAM and an internal storage of 32 GB. The Creo Mark 1 will likely sport a 21 megapixel primary camera with dual LED flash and autofocus, a secondary camera that will sport an 8 megapixel unit.

In all likelihood the company will run a customized version of the Android 5.1 Lollipop OS but the level of customization is what wi…

Adblabla Launch: Get 1000+ Websites Talking About Your Business From Day One!

Since inception in December 2015 has grown into Nigeria’s first and biggest Free Online Advertising Network boasting over 1500 sites and delivering over 500,000 impressions of free ads everyday.

Historically, we have allowed website owners to advertise whatever they choose on our network for free.
Today we are going beyond website Owners!

we are proud to introduce our latest service Adblabla Launch.
Imagine needing to promote your products, services and events and rather than putting your sponsored posts on 1 or 2 sites you are able to put it on up to a thousand sites at the same time.

Adblabla Launch is a service that allows you to place sponsored posts simultaneously across our large network of sites at a heavily discounted rate. Besides placing the sponsored posts, our very flexible setup options allows you to structure your marketing campaign according to specific markets, number of sites and price levels.

The first of its kind in Nigeria, this service is set to change the…

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Now Available For Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

Right information to all users of one time Samsung's flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S5 as today's Android M, Marshmallow update is now popping each minutes. Because the final two months, we've listed many devices being topped with the golden crown of Marshmallow and Galaxy S5 is now a few of the prestigious members of Android M.

Although this update is currently rolling out for a specific Galaxy S5 version with the version quantity SM-G900L and this variation is understood to operate on a South Korean carrier however we're awaiting this replace to unfold to all variations of galaxy S5 right away.

Android 6.0.1 marshmallow update comes with interesting stuffs and overall system bug fixes and improvements which includes better optimization on phone battery life, better RAM management, speed improvement, system stability and more bug fixes. Like I earlier said, the update could be available just before next month's end for all variant of Galaxy S5.

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New subscription codes for BB10 Bis Plan

MTN BB10 Plan is very hard to activate this day with the old subscription codes. Lots of you guys might have tried to activate the plan, but you always got failed error message, possibly it's as a result of their system upgrade while you might have thought that MTN had cancelled the BB10 plan. This is to let you know that MTN BB10 packages are still alive, just that MTN has updated the BB10 plans subscription codes, but the price is still the same. Now you can dial any of the below new codes to subscribe for MTN BB10 Plan, your favorite way to enjoy unlimited surfing with PC and Android device.
 MTN BB10 MINI (Old BBLite) New Subscription Code
» Daily plan, dial *131*6*3*1# or *216*3*1# Cost N70 (Bblited)
» Weekly plan, dial *131*6*3*2# or *216*3*2# Cost N350 (Bblitew)
» Monthly plan, dial *131*6*3*3# or *216*3*3#  Cost N1000 (Bblitem)

MTN BB10 MIDI New Subscription Code
» Daily plan, dial *131*6*4*1# or *216*4*1# Cost N100
» Weekly plan, dial *131*6*4*2# or *2…

Specifications of Iphone SE >> small Iphone pro produced by Apple

Hi folks, I am presenting the supposedly ever least expensive iPhone gadget at dispatch called the iPhone SE. It came as an amazement on the grounds that nobody was expecting a 4.0 - inche phone this month from Apple yet it just came on board.

Just this morning i published an Article about Apple setting to unveil smaller iPhone and iPad Pro See Details Here

Aside from the little display screen and versatile outline of the iPhone SE, every special factors and specs are common iOS specs and that is the motive I call it mini but notable telephone.

It mobile telephone resembles the 2013 iPhone 5s but this precise one packs a remarkable deal of appealing moves as much as healthy our momentum innovation season. That is the purpose the iPhone SE is running at the equal pressure because of the prestigious iPhone 6s.

We additionally found an A9 chip running on this small scale cell phone which is more than twofold the pace as the iPhone 5s and this makes it spare more battery life on the grounds…

Don't fall a victim , how to spot Fake Infinix hot Note

I saw this info on the Infinix Facebook
page, so I decided to share it here
because a lot of people are really buying fake Infinix Hot Note thinking it’s the real Infinix . The same way we have lots of fake Infinix Hot2 everywhere See more details Here

There are fake versions of Infinix HOT Note in the Nigerian market, making it difficult to even identify the original.

How to Spot the Fake Infinix Hot Note

=> The Speaker and SIM card port
arrangement is different from the
original. See the image below

=> The top view of the fake is different
from the original, you can check the
illustration on the image

Also Read > How to spot Fake IPhones in The Market

=> The sensor is vertical on the fake,
while it is horizontally placed in the

=> The charger is different, the original
charger is thicker

I don’t know why people are just
imitating Infinix devices with fake,
hence killing the brand. When next you
want to buy a new smartphone, always
read the review so that you'll be sure
you a…