Glo N1000 BIS subscrition has been discontinued, Now N1,500

Glo N1000 BIS subscrition has been discontinued, Now N1,500

If you are following my blog posts, you must have read about the Glo Bis subscription which goes for just N1000 and i know that some of you have been using this Glo bis for a very long time. #Details Here

so this morning, i was trying to Re-activate Glo Bis which is formerly N1000 for my friend, but to my uttermost surprise, i did not see the normal N1000, instead i saw N1,400 and N1,500.


The reason behind this sudden increament in the price of Glo bis subscription is yet to be disclosed.

but some are saying it because of the increase in dollar #lol, while some are saying they now have a lot of customers subscribing to it, but the real reason is yet to be announced by Glo itself.

the interesting part is that you can still use it on your Android device, provided you have successfully changed your IMEI to that of blackberry then you are good to go. #See how to change Imei to BB here

so speak up, has the price affected you? or are you still going to continue using Glo bis which is now N1,500 since Etisalat Bis is Now N1000 for just 3GB,#see more details which is far more better and preferable to Glo Bis. Let hear your thoughts via the comment box....


  1. I think i will still be using this plan.. Thanks for the tips

  2. Ya, some people still prefer it to Etisalat Bis

  3. I will continue to GLO with pride. Thanks for the info

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