Another Mtn Unlimited Browsing for february

Hello guys, it no doubt that we have been flexing The Mtn 0.0K Cheat… and am here again with another new Mtn Free browsing cheat .

This morning, i was surfing the Net with my 150 Musicplus MB… suddenly i exhusted my Mb, so i tried reconnecting it again via Psiphon, to my greatest surprise it connected even without the musicplus mb, so i said this new tweak must not pass you by..#lol,

Here is simple trick on Another Mtn Unlimited Browsing for february

If you have earlier subscribed for the Musicplus Mb you are one step ahead , and if you have not subscribed before kindly send D to 5900 to get started.

Now set your psiphon, or syphon shield proxy server to

Other settings remains the same with the mtn 0.0k cheat.

Now try downloading any big file and make sure your finish your 150Mb, after you might have exhausted it, now dial*559 *2# .
Now if you have exhusted the musicplus MB you should see the image below when dial *559*2#

Instead of seeing musicplus = 0Mb you will see Musi

Now open your psiphon again and Connect using the musicplus settings which is above.

Thsn start Enjoying free browsing tweak..

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  1. Ermm oga.. I guess this mtn 0.0 kobo af been blocked, can't connect. Bruh help me check it out plus is the one you subscribe for still working, if yeah pls link me to the settings. Mtn psiphon oo

  2. OK guess I was wrong the day I said it was blocked, it connected but normally doesn't take that long before connecting and now I'm sure it's been blocked, tried it a whole day, would you tell us when it's been blocked? So I stop asking.

  3. Lol, I'm actually laughing in a sad way but it's cool, enjoyed it.thanks..which do you suggest I use now?


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