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Hot - latest Mtn Magic sim for unlimited browsing and downloading 2016

It been Close to 2 years now that we have
enjoyed MTN Magic Sim last. Now it
is back and better, i tested and
confirmed it working before the published this post.

Magic Sim Activation is a method of
hacking Sim card to browse
unlimited, download unlimited,
watching live tv, YouTube and other
live streaming for free. Once your
Sim hacked, it will works with all
browsing devices, Laptop/Desktop,
Tablet/Phablet, Windows phone,
Android device, iPhone, iPad, and all
Others. Also works better with new
blackberry devices.

After Mtn Have finally blocked our only means of accessing the Internet for Free, so i decided to give the Mtn Magic Sim a try, which i confirmed it working.

You can now allow the VPN
apps to rest, enjoy super fast internet
speed with MTN Magic Sim and
Nothing like internet speed

How To Activat Magic sim Unlimited Browsing On Your MTN SIM

=» Load or transfer N250 worth of
airtime to your MTN Sim
(Transferring is recommended to
avoid the free Megabytes bonus
when loading)

=» After the tran…

Have you Heard? simple server have changed her name to Netloop Vpn

So i was trying to update my outdated Simple Android Server (SAS) ,so i noticed that they have changed the Brand name to another name called Netloop Vpn

NetLoop Vpn is formerly known as Simple Android Server

This app contains a Proxy Server and a Free VPN.

The VPN is not a full featured VPN. it is not provided for security but for tunneling purposes.

if you are using NetLoop's proxy server option please make remove any existing proxy server address in your device's APN settings. Failure to do this will cause Some of your apps not to go through the VPN

VPN features:

• HTTP request Compression.
•Ability to modify TCP connection parameters.
• Ability to use hotspot over VPN ( Requires root )
•Ability to use multiple concurrent connections to the VPN servers for the best Network usage experience

Local server features:

•modify outgoing requests.
•specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
•provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses

Glo N1000 BIS subscrition has been discontinued, Now N1,500

Glo N1000 BIS subscrition has been discontinued, Now N1,500

If you are following my blog posts, you must have read about the GloBis subscription which goes for just N1000 and i know that some of you have been using this Glo bis for a very long time. #Details Here

so this morning, i was trying to Re-activate Glo Bis which is formerly N1000 for my friend, but to my uttermost surprise, i did not see the normal N1000, instead i saw N1,400 and N1,500.

The reason behind this sudden increament in the price of Glo bis subscription is yet to be disclosed.

but some are saying it because of the increase in dollar #lol, while some are saying they now have a lot of customers subscribing to it, but the real reason is yet to be announced by Glo itself.

the interesting part is that you can still use it on your Android device, provided you have successfully changed your IMEI to that of blackberry then you are good to go. #See how to change Imei to BB here

so speak up, has the price affected you? or are you …

How to use Etisalat Blackberry subscription on Any android phone

Do you know that you can use your Etisalat blackberry sub on your android device and enjoy 3gig data with only N1000 for 30days.

One good thing with etisalat is that whenever you recharge N1000 you will be credited with another 1000 credit bonus to all any network.

So is like you are subscribing for free since you have your 1000 credit bonus.

How to use Etisalat Blackberry subscription on Any android phone

Subscribe to a monthly Etisalat
blackberry complete plan for N1,000 by Dialing the codes *499*3# or subscribe
the weekly plan for N500 by dialing *499*3*1#.

Once you have successfully activated the
Etisalat one month blackberry complete plan,

Go to your Android mobile setting and
create new apn as shown below

Go to settings > more > mobile networks
Create a new APN using the settings

Name => Etisalat bis
APN =>
Proxy =>
Port => 8080


Now you can now browse,download and
streaming with your etisalat 3gb
blackberry subscription on your Phone.


Download the new Modded Tweakware with psiphon Handler

moddler remod Psiphon handler and turn it to look like tweakware vpn, this is so cool and i know you guys would love it.

Can we say moddlers break tweakware vpn and show us the invisible settings or they remodded Psiphon handler and turn it to look like we are running tweakware on our device? Any way we send our big thanks to all our great moddlers.

Where to Download then new Modded tweak with psiphon Handler

Download It Here

How to Configure It for Free browsing tweak

Now open the Modded Tweakware
Then click on Log then click on Handler Menu to insert your prepared settings

Note: it will request for child lock code, kindly type this code: cdce.imishiro.032990 and click save

Then you can set it the way you set your psiphon Handler. The Settings below is for the Mtn 0.0K cheat.

Proxy type => Real Host

Proxy server => or

Real proxy type => Http

Real proxy server => leave blank

Real proxy port => 80

After handler settings go back to tweakwar…

Etisalat Monthly Chat pack sub now goes for N400

As all of us knows that Etisalat wise pak
is without doubt one of the least expensive pak we experience for
limitless free browsing on computer and our
Android smartphone. A lot of customers mostly
subscribe for N150 weekly plan even as
some subscribe for N500 month-to-month plan.

Etisalat monthly
smart pak plan has two different code
and they are all the same in term of
browsing, all the plans valid for 30days.
Some users notice this while some are
still paying for N500 monthly due to
auto renewal.

How to Cancel or stop auto renwal
dial *343*5*0# to cancel
the auto renewal so that you can switch
to N400 Etisalat Monthly Smart pak

How To Subscribe For N400 Etisalat Monthly Smart pak plan.

Dial *343*5*7#

Make sure you are on easy cliq
tariff if you are not dial *244*1# to
migrate to easy cliq now Now you are good to go..…

After following the above instructions.

then you can connect your psiphon and start surfing.. If you don't know how to set it Kindly Click Here for Chat Pack Settings…

Another Mtn Unlimited Browsing for february

Hello guys, it no doubt that we have been flexing The Mtn 0.0K Cheat… and am here again with another new Mtn Free browsing cheat .

This morning, i was surfing the Net with my 150 Musicplus MB… suddenly i exhusted my Mb, so i tried reconnecting it again via Psiphon, to my greatest surprise it connected even without the musicplus mb, so i said this new tweak must not pass you by..#lol,

Here is simple trick on Another Mtn Unlimited Browsing for february

If you have earlier subscribed for the Musicplus Mb you are one step ahead , and if you have not subscribed before kindly send D to 5900 to get started.

Now set your psiphon, or syphon shield proxy server to

Other settings remains the same with the mtn 0.0k cheat.

Now try downloading any big file and make sure your finish your 150Mb, after you might have exhausted it, now dial*559 *2# .
Now if you have exhusted the musicplus MB you should see the image below when dial *559*2#

Instead of seeing musicplus…

Did you Back set your iOs device? here is How to fix a bricked Iphone

Got hit by the 1970 iPhone bug and now your device won’t turn back on? Don’t worry. Your phone isn’t permanently bricked. You can fix it a couple of different ways including making an appointment with the Genius Bar. iDigitalTimes staff reporter Cammy Harbison reached out as a customer to Apple Support personnel and the representative informed her Genius Bar associates were capable of remedying the problem.

"What they [affected users] need to do is go ahead and get the iPhone into an Apple Store," the representative said.

Users thought setting their iPhone clock back to January 1, 1970 would give them a cool retro boot logo, but instead it threw their devices into an endless boot loop, causing them never to turn on.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod owners who set their device clocks back to Jan. 1, 1970, in hopes of unlocking a retro Apple logo on their boot screen, they soon discovered the alleged Easter egg was nothing more than a cruel prank. Setting the clock back didn’t rende…

See what Apple iPad Air 3 which is coming soon will look like

For many enthusiasts of Apple Inc. The Apple iPad Air 2 is
already becoming obsolete and plenty of have wondered why
Apple has been reluctant specifically with the discharge of
anything just like the iPad Air 3 to as a minimum succeed the
iPad Air 2. In this curiosity for that reason, we hold getting
quite a lot of rumours when it comes to the anticipated iPad Air

What is still intriguing is that amidst all the rumours
and curiosity Apple Inc has preferred to remain silent.
However, the latest rumour showing a drawn image of
what the expected iPad Air 3 may look like is probably
a signal that the Apple iPad Air 3 may be unveiled at
Apple’s even in March.

If the contemporary drawing of the iPad Air three that confirmed up
on the internet not too long ago is to be believed, the iPad Air
threes 4 speakers might be positioned just like the iPad pro's
4 audio system, with a pair on the top side and a pair on
the bottom area.

According to 9to5Mac , Apple may also be testing
iPad displays that support i…

How to rock Mtn 0.0k Free browsing tweak on iOS phones

How to rock Mtn 0.0k Free browsing tweak on Iphone and Ipad

because you are
using an iOS device or you have someone using it
or you may be into business of tweaking phone for
others and collect money from them as compensation
for your work.

Anyhow it is, we are still blazing the MTN 0.00
and it seems as if it doesn't want to suff.

This tweak is among the easiest and sweetest unlimited free browsing we have come across this year though it started last year but many people thought It wasn't serious so only few read my post
on it and used it.

Android phone users are the most favorites when it
comes to gaining access to free browsing as there
are numerous cheats available for them to select and
make use of. The Mtn 0.00k free browsing was
discovered and first tested on an Android device and
then PC.

Today am bringing the flavours of MTN 0.00
unlimited free browsing to iOS devices (iPhone and
iPads) with openvpn connect config files targeted at
this particular tweak you guys.

How to rock Mt…

Mtn introducing one day Unlimited Browsing for just N150

download android games for free

Hello Guys, hope you are still enjoying the
Unlimited Browsing with 0.00k via Mtn.
Anyway am here again with another wonderful tutorial that is pioneered by MTN itself, which is the Unlimited Free browsing for 24 hours with just N150
When it is unlimited, we don’t keep quiet and I find this so tantalizing because it’s going to solve a lot of your online downloading if the speed is not throttled. I find this offer more better that Airtel 1hour unlimited downloading for N180.

MTN have secretly unleashed an unlimited plan and you just have to try it out. It goes The unlimited internet plan allows you to surf the net or download unlimited for good 24hrs nonstop without extra VPN and it expires thereafter except you reactivate it again.

It goes for just N150 only. I guess you love the price. But something is involve, it is for those who are eligible.

How to Activate the one Day Unlimited browsing for just N150

Just dial *567*59# and reply with 1 to activate it if…

How to Upgrade YourLG G3 To Android 6.0Marshmallow

Subsequent to the start of this present year 2016, it has
been a leap ahead for some Android consumers as new
Android 6.Zero Marshmallow updates having been taking off
for some cellphone brands together with Tecno (with Tecno
Camon C8)

The updates are Over The Air (OTA) but some should
likewise be possible bodily. Right now, the handbook
update of LG G3 cell cellphone is just not yet accessible but
rather that you could simply do the replace naturally in that spot
to your cellphone.

It's most important to review that the Android M
(Marshmallow) is the next Android rendition after
lollipop variant and it is composed with some security
patches in addition to other quality add-ons, for
example, new first-rate utility search, new appear
utility menu, together with prime picks, mobilephone reminiscence
supervisor, perfect battery development, vigor
administration, nap mode integrated, utility
authorization, and all the extra curiously, an auto
reinforcement and repair highlights.



2016 Latest Cheap Data Plans And Subscription Codes for All Networks

The unveiling of various smartphones with awesome features is great but on the other hand they increase our demand for data causing us to spend more especially in a country like Nigeria where capitalist telecommunication companies are always on the move to rip off individuals with their high data costs. Thankfully though, the existence of more than one telecommunication company in Nigeria makes room for competition where each network try to go as low as possible in terms of data plans just to get our attention. Today I’m going to give you the updated data plans and their subscription codes for the major networks in Nigeria, I.e, MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT. These plans work on all devices so let’s go there!

meanwhile we are enjoying all the Goodies that Etisalat chat pack has for us...

* For 2GB: Send “SPB to 131″ in a text message. It will cost
you N2,000 and will last for a complete one month.
* 4.5 GB day & Night: 30days, cost N2,500, Text ”120 to
131” i…

How to use Mtn Bis on Netify Vpn

I just notice that all online magic IP's are not connecting this morning, but i don't thinks it's over for us to browse because we already have alternatives to it.

For now am currently using MTN Bb10 sub with my New modded Psiphon NetifyVpn and the speed is so amazing that i can even share it to my PC via Pdanet+.

Kindly grab your MTN sim now and switch back to where you belong for now before we discover what makes all magic IP's down.

How To Subscribe For MTN BB10 Sub

1. For Daily sub dial *216*3*1# @ N70

2. For Weekly sub dial*216*3*2# @ N350

3. For Monthly sub dial *216*3*3# @ N1000

Note: DATA CAP IS 5gb on each Sub above

How To Use MTN BB10 with NetifyVpn

Click HERE to download NefityVpn

Now open it and set your handler settings as shown in the picture below

Tick -Remove Port
Proxy type : Dual Real Host
Real proxy server :
Real proxy type : HTTP
Real proxy server :
Real Proxy port : 8080

Then click Save and continue. ……………

simply click on th…

How to use Etisalat Social Me and Chatpack on Netify VPN

How to use Etisalat Social Me and Chatpack on Netify VPN

Netify VPN is a new modded Psiphon handler application that is presently added to the Numbers of Important applications for all FBT.

Netify works like Psiphon and SyponShield yet with some new plans and remodded settings.
All Thanks to Odiseo onze, have remolded Psiphon application to draw out this New Netify VPN which is far more better than Psiphone and I have been taking a shot at it and testing it for Different Free browsing tweaks, Most especially on Etisalat Social Me and Chat Pack Settings……


1. It is completely redesigned with new graphics
2. There is no connection key this time on the
notifications bar
3. There is no place to add or remove region or
countries. (Yet working)
4. There is no more options settings, which makes it easier to connect compared to Psiphon
5. The default handler settings is there but with new
user interface
6. New icon added
7. Sound and vibration notification removed
8. It powers all …

How to use Mtn BIS on Simple server V4

A new Version of Simple Android Server was
released not very long ago and it has a new feature
that makes it lovely its the addition of ‘VPN’ you no
longer need to use AutoProxy or ProxyDroid with
your SimpleServer.
See full Details Here…

How to use Mtn BIS on Simple server V4

Download and Install Simple Android Server
Version V4.2 From Here……

Open Simple Server > Click on Set Connection Mode and set it to VPN.

Click on connection settings.

Tick Enable Proxy
Enter the following Values below

Proxy Host : Proxy Port : 8080

Tick Header Tweaking and select Tweak Type and choose ‘Host Replacement’

Then input then following settings..

Injection Host :

Then go back and Click on the connect BUTTON and you should be
ready to enjoy free browsing in VPN Mode.

Any Problem??? Kindly use the Comment box below and share this Tutorial.....…………

How to Share Internet Connection From Phone to PC Using A USB Cable

Hey guys, today I’m going to teach you something very simple but very useful. If you are one of those folks who enjoy rocking free browsing on their phone or perhaps just have much data on your smartphone and you really want to look up something on the Internet using your PC then I’m sure you will be grateful to know that you can share your phone’s Internet connection with your PC. Yes, this can be done via WI-FI but most of our desktops don’t have wireless connection so we are going to use a USB cable this time.


1. This tutorial applies to Android.
2. This method doesn’t remove any network restrictions you may have, for example if you subscribed for the Airtel WhatsApp pack you cannot use this because that plan is only for WhatsApp and won’t work on other apps.
3. The connection may not be very fast.

Also see

how to share your phone’s Internet connection with your PC via a USB cable.

1. You need to fi…