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AndroidTutorialHow to boot Android phone intosafe mode to troubleshoot problems

Android device might start showing up their naughty behaviour, issues like lagging, freezing or apps misbehaving, there is a special mode to troubleshoot these kind of problems, Safe mood, whereby all third party apps you installed on your Android phone would be disabled, this will enable you to fix any error caused by a misbehaving app or settings you mistakenly tampered. A typical example of this is when you installed an app and all of a sudden your android phone start misbehaving, without stressing yourself much, it’s obvious it’s due to the app you installed, common issue with this is the app settings clashing with your phone system settings.

To fix this type of error, you have to disable all third party apps since you can’t say exactly which app is causing the issue, here is how to fix it;

Booting Android phone into safe mode

For most Android phones, to enter safe mode, you will have to press and hold the power key to bring the power options; power off, reboot and airplane mode, you…

Surf Unlimitedly with his Magic IP Update For Etisalat Unlimited Free Surfing On Android Device With N0.0

since MTN has blocked our mean of surfing the Net for free, Etisalat on the other hand is surifng the Net for free with the aid of psiphon,  so n this article am going to guide you guys on how to surf the NET with this old tweak.. it very simple, just make sure that you have the latest PSIPHON. click here to download 
to use this tweak, make sure you dont have any data or airtime on your sim card.

open your psiphon and configure as below,

In your Psiphon under Proxy type choose reverse proxy….

Then in your proxy Server, input;

then in real proxy server , imput any of this IPs and Ports 3128…. 8888….. 3128….. 3128….

save it and click on the More options , set it as below with the Ip and port you want.

thats all. then go back and it the start button.

Note: This tweak usually takes time to connect, like 5 to 10mins.

… So, you need to exercise patient befo…

download the Infinix zero 2 (V2.0) OctOs Lollipop Rom

Infinix zero 2 (V2.0) OctOs Lollipop RomI bring to you good news for all Infinix Zero 2 users, This Infinix zero 2 (V2.0) OctOs Lollipop Rom.
Built and Based on the Lollipop ported by Amr_virusx from Infinix Xclub all credits goes to him for putting so much hard work to port this beautiful custom rom for Infinix Zero 2 users.

1- you need to be on kitkat (Lollipop Users Please Downgrade Back to KitKat if you need to install this rom)

2- TWRP recovery must be installed on your phone (Download It From Here).

3- download the rom and gapps and copy them to sdcard.

4- boot to recovery.
5- wipe cache – dalvik cache – system.

6- install rom.

7- install gapps.

8- wipe cache – dalvik cache.

9- reboot.

10- turn off location in SETTINGS, reboot your phone.

11- enjoy the rom.

OCT OS Features:

1- All CM 12.1 features + OctOS features.

2- The battery life is very good.

3- Call quality is so good.

4- rooted.

5- Look at the screenshots.

video playback from not wor…

Mtn Introduces Weekend Bundle capped at 3Gb for N300

This info is online for some days now, but I want to do some research on it before I post it here.
Like we all know, MTN is giving out 3GB of data for just N300 recharge card to their customers on night weekends plan.
It was actually a nice plan cause you got to browse for all weekends.

The nice part of this is "if you can't use the MB finish till the end of that weekend, your account will be automatically charge the next weekend and the remaining MB from previous weekend will roll over with another 3GB of that present weekend", which makes it 3GB + previous weekend remaining MB.

How to subscribe:-

Load a N300 recharge card on your MTN Card and dial *123*3*1*5*2#.

There is actually a "Discount Coupon" people are using about this new plan.

It was said that if you don't have up to N300 on your SIM, if you try the code above, you will get a "Transaction Failed" error but you will also be credited with 3GB and N20 will be charge from your SIM.

Just Di…

Infinix Zero. Buy cheaper with

Designing Infinix Zero was the result of numerous sketches, engineering processes and material selection. As the result, the users got highly resistant shell much liter and tighter than steel, ultra-resistant to damages and great to feel in your palm. High graphic resolution lets you enjoy media content, and great touch screen reaction makes the work fast and productive. Camera provides the possibility to shoot great pictures even in the dark environment.

Moreover, it works just with a single wave of your hand!
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compare different offers, pick something you like and don’t hesitate to contact a seller.

iji is a place where you can bu…