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how to bypass tweakware bandwidth limit

This article features the best tips for using Tweakware for unlimited downloads without stress. It is divided into 3 parts which include how to fix proxy socket connection failed in Tweakware, how to bypass the daily bandwidth restriction of 100mb and get free browsing and unlimited downloads especially on Etisalat. Finally, we will show you how to get a stable uninterrupted internet connection for this tweak and stop it from disconnecting at intervals. For best performance, you will need to download the latest Tweakware version 0.7 from here.

firstly you need to know how to configure tweakware to work  click here to see how

How To Fix Proxy Socket Connection Failed In Tweakware - 


1. Download, install and Run your Tweakware v0.7 app, locate the Option button at the top right corner and tap on it to take you to settings.

2. Select “Settings” and first go down and tap on “Reset Setting” then go back up and ta on “Network Settings”.


3. Check the box beside “Connect Via HTTP Proxy” to enable proxy and configure as follows:

·         Proxy Host:
·         Proxy Port: 8080
·         Enable Proxy Tweaks
·         Click on Proxy Tweaks and Enable Reverse Proxy
Then go to Custom Headers and delete the default then add:
Take Note that there is one space between the “:” and “mobile” just like it was in the default “:”.
4. Finally, go back to Server Settings and Change Port to 3128

How To Bypass And Extend Your Daily Restricted Bandwidth 

And Get Unlimited Browsing And Downloads - 


1. Confirm that your device is correctly rooted
2. Click Here to Download (86kb) and install Android ID Changer
3. Run the Android ID changer and grant root permission
4. Backup your default ID either by Clicking on the download button sign or manually copy your real Android ID into somewhere else and save (so as to restore later in order not to void warranty).
5. Tap on the back button and click on the “+” sign above to generate a random ID for you.
6. Save New ID
Finally go back to your Tweakware and use any of the free servers (preferably the German Servers), you will be granted another free bandwidth for the day

How To Get A Stable And Better Internet Network Connection On Tweakware -

1. Go to Network Settings and go down to Connection Settings and check the box beside “Enable Keepalive”.
For the “Keepalive Interval”, type in “5” and for the “Keepalive Timeout”, choose “5”.
2. Choose the country server instead of default server in the home page change it to “Netherland or Germany or Canada" and Click on CONNECT.
3. After successful handshake and authentication, press the back button and it will connect automatically.
Applying these tips successfully will guarantee you a stable and better connection via Tweakware on Etisalat. So unless Etisalat network is very poor in your area, you would not be complaining of frequent disconnection issue again.
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Free browsing tweak on MTN with music+ is here once again, get 150 MB data per subscription for free with MTN music plus data and reload it each time it finishes as many time as you want all day or get a SMS scheduler to send the sub code periodically. With this settings, you are guaranteed unlimited free downloads on mtn musicplus cheat. It is thatsimple on Psiphon and Simple Server settings.


How to Set Up Psiphon for Unlimited Browsing on MTN

1. With these settings, you can repeat the subscription as many times as you can but remember to opt out first when the mb finishes before subscribing again. Make sure you have zero naira
2. Subscribe and activate the MTN musicplus Bundle by text: MUSIC to 5900 then wait for the reply  or after some seconds Check your musicplus mb balance with the code: *559*2#
3. Click here to download and install the latest Psiphon handler 100

4. Open the installed Psiphon app and configure the handler as follows:
-          Proxy Type: Real Host
Under X-Online-Host,
-          Proxy Server:
Just leave the others


Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings. Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device
You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.
1. Select “Best Performance” in the ‘region select’.
2. Go down and locate “More options” under the “Handler” button.
3. Under the “Proxy Settings” Check the box beside “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings”
-          Host Address:
-          Port: 8080
4. Leave the others as default and go back to the main screen

To use Simple Android Server on Musicplus

1. Go to Local Server settings

2. Tick Use Global Proxy
3. Click General Settings
Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080
Injection Query/Url: http:/
Injection host:
Injection line: press enter 4 times
4. Save and Start the SimpleServer

How to renew unlimitedly when the 150 mb finishes

1. Text Cancel7D to 5900 (to opt out of the plan first) then
2. Text D to 5900 and wait for the reply or after some seconds check your balance with *559*2#
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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cheap Data Plans for Android, iPhone, iPad and PC in Nigeria


One of the rampant issues faced by most Android phone users and iOS users is the issue of cheap data plans for their smartphone, to get an affordable data bundle that will sustain you through internet browsing, chatting, downloads and the likes is a big deal if you are using Android phone, iPhone or iPad simply because of how much they deduct MB. Gone are those days of java phone where data plan is cheap and also a little megabyte will do you, reverse is the case when it comes to Android, iPhone and iPad.
Blackberry users enjoys cheap data plan on their blackberry phones but unfortunately enough, most of these data bundles does not work for android phone and iOS phones at least without tweaking, this is really frustrating and seems unfair to Android and iOS users. Some network provider offers cheap data plan for Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, twitter and the likes for Android and iOS, but how manage will you be restricted to just one app, i guess this is not for every people, not for dynamic users.

In case you don’t know, the first blackberry phone running on Android OS is announced, Blackberry Priv
In this article am going to share with you the cheapest, most affordable and best data bundles you can use on your computer, android phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone and other smartphone.

Cheapest Data Plan for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


These data bundles am about to share, they are the best affordable data plan in Nigeria right now and I have used it and still using most of them.

Cheapest Mtn Data Plan for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


Mtn Night Plan 4.5GB for #2,500

Hey, don’t panic yet, is not only for midnight browsing, when you subscribe for mtn night plan, you would be given 3GB for night browsing and extra 1.5GB for daylight browsing totaling 4.5G for just #2500. Am using this mtn data plan on my android phone and believe me I have not for once regret using it. To activate mtn night data plan, load #2,500 then send 102 to 131. Or simply dial *123# and follow the commands in this order data services > My data plans > Night plan and select 4.5GBbnight @ 2500NGN
You can use mtn night plan for Android, iPhone, iPad and your PC. To use it on your laptop, subscribe for this plan on a phone and just turn on your phone hotspot and connect your PC to it.

Mtn 1GB for #1000

This plan works on all mobile phones and modem, in short any device using sim card, to opt in for this, visit any Mtn outlets or office and request for Mtn data, you can also get 2GB for #1800.
Mtn 2GB for #2,000
2GB at NGN2,000 data bundle plan. To activate, send “SPB” to “131″.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plan for PC, Android, iPhone or iPad in Nigeria


Airtel Blackberry Plan 2GB for #1500

This Airtel plan is another cheap data plan you can use, it works for Android, iPhone, and iPad, no tweaking. To subscribe to this plan load N1,500 and dial *440*16# or simply send Bbum to 440. To use this on your computer, follows the same step I mentioned in mtn night plan.

Cheapest Glo Data Plans for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


Glo 3GB Blackberry Plan for #1000

This is one of cheapest unlimited data plan you can use. Don’t be surprise this works on Android phone CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW, it involves some little tricks, to use this glo bis plan,
Get a blackberry phone and insert your Glo SIM, load #1,000 and send comonth to 777, now wait for a message from Glo to confirm your subscription to the monthly blackberry plan, after that remove the battery and insert it again. You can now remove your SIM card from the blackberry device once the plan is activated. To use it for any non-blackberry device, go to phone network settings, create new access point names and set the apn to “”. Now you can start using it.
Another way to do this is to change your phone imei no to that of blackberry, you wouldn’t need a blackberry phone again, you just have to create new apn and that’s all.
Glo 1GB for #1,000.
It works for all device. To activate the 1GB at NGN1,000 data bundle plan, send “53” as a text message to “127”

Cheapest Etialat Data Plan for Android, iPhone, iPad or PC in Nigeria


Etislat 2GB for #2,000
This Cheap Etisalat data plan works on Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC. To activate, dial; *229*2*8#. To check your data balance, dial *228#

I believe you will surely find a cheap data plan that will suit you, don’t forget to share this with your friends on facebook, twitter and google+, you don’t know who might need it.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Specifications of InfinixBig6 Infinix Note 2 with leaked photos of Infinix X600

We all can’t wait after reading the official announcement of Infinix Mobility about their new flagship device coming to stores near you on 29th of November 2015.
We can’t wait No More, so I finally got the leaked, think it has been released in some other countries in Africa. The phone is awesome
Screen Size :
6.0 inches

Operating System :
Android 5.1 XUI [Lollipop]

Battery :
4040mah Li-On Battery

Storage and Memory :
16GB Rom + 1.5GB Ram

Camera :
13mp back camera
2mp front camera

Chipset :

And finally its going to be called Infinix X600 or the Infinix NOTE 2.



Infinix X600


What do you think about this Device? Will you get one? Let us know via the comments box.

How To Root Infinix Hot 2 X510 Without PC

Infinix Hot 2 Popularly referred to as “InfinixHottestOne”  this trending device has been in stores for a long time. Lots of people own this phone and still find it difficult to root it. 
Today I will guide you on “How To Root Infinix Hot 2 X510”.
DISCLAIMER : GISTPLUZ.COM can never be held responsible for anything that happens to your device. Try this at your own risk.

How To Root Infinix Hot 2 X510 

Be sure you download the Latest Version of Kingroot v4.5.2
Install Kingroot and Open the Application

Click on Start Root, let the rooting begin.
Be sure you’re connected to the Internet.

imageIf everything works well, you should be rooted within a twinkle of an eye.
It’s advisable you reboot after this process.
Let us know if it worked out for you via the comments box below.

Photo Credits : Wale Adekile : Geek.Ng

comment here if you have any other problem

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

how to root and change the Imei of Tecno Camon C8

The Tecno Camon C8 sounds more like a Camera name than a Smartphone. But a new smartphone from Tecno Mobile it is featuring a 13MP rear camera and 5MP Front Camera with flash. The manufacturer hypes the phone  as a Camera centric Smartphone.

Aside the Camera capabilities, Camon C8 which is a technically upgraded version of the Tecno Camon C5 features a 5.5 inch HD IPS display, 1.3GHz Quad processor, Android 5.0  Lollipop, 3000mAh battery, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM expandable to 32GB via MicroSD card.


The Tecno Camon C8 is very stubborn device when it comes to rooting, because the popular and easiest apps such as Kingroot, Vroot, Framaroot, Tecnoroot, Rootgenius etc., are not working for it. The below tutorial will guide the Tecno Camon C8 users to Root and change the IMEI of their Smartphone.

Important Notice
After rooting your phone, it’s advisable to unroot before performing an OTA update or restoring factoring settings.

Materials Needed For Rooting
» PC with internet connection
» USB Cable
» SP Flash Tool - Download it Here
» - Download it Here
» TWRP for Tecno C8 by Team Hovatek - Download it Here

To Root Tecno Camon C8
» Save the that you downloaded to your phone's SD card
» Unzip the TWRP zip file that you downloaded and flash the recovery image to the phone using SP Flash Tool
» Now, boot your phone into TWRP Recovery Mode (by Holding the Vol Up and Power button simultaneously for 5 seconds)
» In TWRP Recovery, Choose install zip from SD card - to choose a zip from SD card use Vol up and down scroll up and down, then choose the file from the root of your SD card.
Scroll to yes and install, after a successful flashing go back and reboot.

It is simple as that. You may download Root Checker from Play Store to verify your root privileges. After downloading, simply Install Root Checker, run it and you should get a success message after then.

All Credit goes to Team Hovatek for providing this guide in rooting Tecno Camon C8.

To Change Your Tecno Camon C8 IMEI to BB IMEI.
Note: It's not a must for you to root your Tecno Camon C8 before you can change it's IMEI, the below method of changing IMEI can work for your Tecno Camon C8 without rooting it, but rooting your phone will make you enjoy your phone the fullest.

1. First of all, you need 15 Digits Blackberry Generated IMEI. Simply download BBGEN. epic version here, to generate BB IMEI on your Android Device or Download GIPv4.1 Software to your PC here 
2. Also download and install MTK Engineering Mode from play store.  
3. Open it and click on MTK Settings
4. Then wipe your screen to left site to see Connectivity options.
5. Scroll down to CDS Information and tap on it.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hot- How to browse Unlimitedly With N0.00 on your Mtn Line

Hello guys, how is your weekend going? Hope you are still Surfing the Etisalat Unlimited browsing

Not while ago I posted how to use HTTP INJECTOR WITH ETISALAT CHATPACK Click here to read it

With #0.00 on your mtn line u can now surf
the net using Slow DNS.

Just follow the simple steps and you are good to


"VPN Over DNS"

Make sure to Use your default phone APN.

After that open your SLOW DNS and set as follow:

• Dont touch the first and second box, move to third
box and select any free server of your choice

• on the forth box you will see something of this
nature DNS-1 IP delete it and input this

• tick on "Keep changing source port" and alsobtick on "Binary Query" and connect.

After that wait for the proper authentication
and client configuration.

Once it connects you are good. Just continue surfing but don't download because you must have an upgrade to tunnel premium server.

Keep surfing the net for free. Drop comment for clarifications.