Solution to Etisalat Social Me not working Again

Hello Guys, It been a While I Posted on My blog.  It because i Have been busy all this while, Anyway I am still going to do my best to make sure you guys get the best from me.

Early this Morning I received too many complaints from my readers  about the Etisalat Social Me /chat pack not working again on their device. so I decided to go test it my self and indeed it has stopped working.

Rumors has it that Etisalat has Blocked the social Me pack with is N100 for one day from Exceeding the normal one day, because it was formally Unlimited despite the fact that Etisalat Normally send us a message concerning the chatpack auto renewal stuff.

" Dear Customer,Your protocol based Pack has expired and your renewal failed.Recharge and buy additional pack to continue enjoying the plan."

so this is what you should know about the Current Etisalat free browsing tweak.

• If you have earlier subscribed for the social Me one day play
*200*3*3*2*1*1# > N100, Kindly note that it won't exceed one day, which gives week Chat pack an Advantage to it.

} if you have subbed for the Weekly Chat Pack *343*5*6# (N150) it better,  but Etisalat Monthly Social Me has an Advantage to it.

Now for you to continue Enjoying the Etisalat Tweak you have to sub for the MONTHLY SOCIAL me which cost N500( *343 *6 *11#)

Note: For Socialme package, you must be on Easy

Cliq plan. If you are not on Easy Cliq before dail

*244 *1# to migrate to Easy Cliq before you subscribe

for Socialme package of N200.

So that is all you Need.  then you can continue Flexing  it with






then if you got any other questions use the comment box.

NOTE- If you ask on whatsapp I will Snub you oo.. 👮

enjoy and keep browsing for free...


  1. thank you very much sir

  2. ya tweakware bandwidth

  3. Sir can you bypass speed throttling on social me N500 plan? ( *343 *6 *11#)

  4. Ya the speed throttling can be bypassed using the method

  5. Good morning bro. My subscription refuse to activate. This is the message I received:

    We are sorry your activation of Easy Cliq Social Me Monthly failed. Kindly recharge a minimum of N200 and try again to enjoy access for 30days.

    What is responsible for this? Thank you very much for doing all this to assist us


  6. Solomon. Make sure you have enough airtime...

  7. Hello guys,pls my tweakware and psipone both stopped working,can someone pls help me with working cheatz?pls

  8. ok tnx sir..any working psipone setting?help me wot it plx

  9. Enter your comment...Teeakware just stpd again

  10. assalafy. TweakWare is curentluw working
    . check the homepage

  11. hello house,im trying to subscribe to social me montly pack but it"s telling me sorry your activation of easy click social me monthly failed, kindly recharge minimum of 200 and try again...what can i do??? i have 500 in my balance

  12. make sure that you have enough Airtime, and if you have enough airtime, make sure you off your Data before dialing the code, and also make sure that your weekly chatpack is not more active..

    i think this should help..

  13. Pls Emeka add me up 07038983649

  14. pls.. type your number again.. thank you

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Emeka pls send de free browsing cheat for pls 07062816869

  16. Baba d monthly data is not up to again I was told it's 700mb now for f monthly stuff


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