How to Share Your AndroidVPN internet Connection to AnyOther Devices

Many of us do use Psiphon handler, Openvpn Connect, Tweakware to rock MTN bblite plan and Etisalat social me unlimited plan and it is not New that most of us do have issue in sharing our connection to other devices because it’won’t work. But don’t worry, the solution is here.

Today, am going to show you how easily
you can share your Psiphon handler,
Open VPN Connect
and other Android
VPN connection to any Devices that
uses WiFi such as Blackberry , PC,
Android Smart phones, iPhone e.t.c.

The application we are going to make use of is called DF Tethering Fix.

DF Tethering Fix allows you to remove
limitation on tethering imposed by
android and let you use your mobile
Vpn networks such as Psiphon,
OpenVpn, Tweakware etc.

You can share the network using your mobile hotspot then other devices can connect to your Hotspot Using WiFi and browse happily.

NOTE: Before you proceed , Make sure your devices is rooted

How DF Tethering Fix Works.

Click HERE to download DF Tethering
app on your android device.

• First of all launch your Psiphon
Handler or other related VPN and
allow it to connect and make sure
it’s connected on your Android smartphone.

• Enable or Activate hotspot on your Android smartphone

• Launch the Df Tethering fix and
Click on FIX TETHERING until Tethering Fixed show up

• Grant it Super user/Root Access on your phone

• Enable WiFi connection on the
other DEVICES you want to share
with and connect it to your
phone’s hotspot

• That’s all, Then start Blazing on
the Other Devices.

NOTE: After you followed the steps above and the other device refuses to browse. Don’t worry, just Fix it with the steps below.

[Sometimes, you may need to
Disconnect your VPN so that the other
devices can easily Obtain your IP
address and successfully connect to
your Hotspot, After the other devices
have connected to your Hotspot then go
connect your VPN back ]

• After you connect the WiFi successfully then long press the connected WiFi and a pop up message will show then click on Modify Network.

• Tick on Show Advance options and
also press the DHCP

• Now, Edit the DNS 1 to and Save
the new settings

Then launch The Connected Phone's
Browser and start Flexing!!




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