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How to Share Your AndroidVPN internet Connection to AnyOther Devices

Many of us do use Psiphon handler, Openvpn Connect, Tweakware to rock MTN bblite plan and Etisalat social me unlimited plan and it is not New that most of us do have issue in sharing our connection to other devices because it’won’t work. But don’t worry, the solution is here.

Today, am going to show you how easily
you can share your Psiphon handler,
Open VPN Connect
and other Android
VPN connection to any Devices that
uses WiFi such as Blackberry , PC,
Android Smart phones, iPhone e.t.c.

The application we are going to make use of is called DF Tethering Fix.

DF Tethering Fix allows you to remove
limitation on tethering imposed by
android and let you use your mobile
Vpn networks such as Psiphon,
OpenVpn, Tweakware etc.

You can share the network using your mobile hotspot then other devices can connect to your Hotspot Using WiFi and browse happily.

NOTE: Before you proceed , Make sure your devices is rooted

How DF Tethering Fix Works.

Click HERE to download DF Tethering
app on your android device.


Download Updated Version of Psiphon Handler and enjoy Etisalat Smartpak with new settings

Am pretty sure that most of us are
familiar with Psiphon handler.
Either using it for Mtn bblite sub or using it
for the Etisalat Unlimited browsing/
downloading. But some of us are having
issues with our current psiphon
handler82 version
. Some having issue
with the app because it frequently
disconnecting itself and some having
issue with the delay of connecting to
the server. If you are victim of any of
the listed above issues, then the
solution is here.

I recently received the updated version
of Psiphon handler from a friend and i
decided to share you all the app. The
Update version works greater and
better than the previous version. In
this post, am only going to take about,
how you can use the Psiphon handler
with the Etisalat Unlimited
Downloading/Browsing. So that new
freebies can Enjoy from the on-going
unlimited Awoof.
Let’s get started.

Before you proceed: For those using
Chat Pak Or any other Pak apart from
social me. Will have to opt out from
there previous plan. Because you can’t
bypass speed thrott…

How to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling

Click Here For the Genesis of this Etisalat Unlimted browsing

Sorry for not posting it earlier, Have
been busy handling other activities.

I know that most of you are enjoying
his or her own Social me Etisalat
Unlimited Plan While some are yet to
enjoy there’s fully. Notwithstanding,
Am going to touch Some of the major
problems that you may be facing while
using SAS , TweakWare or Psiphon with Etisalat
Unlimited Social Pak.

The main issue many are facing is how
they can bypass the Speed Throttle
while Downloading or Browsing. So,Lets
get started on how to Bypass the speed.

NOTE: If your download speed is
Higher than 60kb/s, That means you
already bypass the speed Throttling,
Just Move to Location where you can
get Full network Coverage and High
Download Speed.

How to Bypass Etisalat Social Pack
Speed Throttling

It is Very Annoying when
you see your downloading speed not
Higher than 40kb/s while Other Psiphon Users are
enjoying 1mb/s, 2mb/s, 6mb/s.
If you
are also victim of such don’t Worry
anymore because t…

Tweakware shows Connected but not browsing, Here is how to Fix it

Are you new to Etisalat Unlimited
social pack? Kindly Click HERE

Yesterday , i posted a post about
using Tweakware to Rock Etisalat
Unlimited Browsing And
. Then i notice that lot
of people are having some issues
when trying to connect

Especially for those
running the app for the first time.
Its show connected and always stay
at Authentication successful but
refuse to Browse. so i decide to
show you the best solution to this

I have two Methods that will enable
your Tweakware to show connected
and browse when you click connect.
So, Kindly follow the Steps by Steps
procedure below.

• Method 1

When you are running Tweakware
for the first time you need to update
your tweakware server.
All you have to do is to connect your chatpack via JwP or SaS so that the Tweakware would have an Internet Connection to Update.
Now launch your Tweakware, then Press and
hold the server list on the Home
screen to update servers. And you
can now select any server available
on the list and Connect it an…

How to Fix Google Play Store that is not Opening

1. Clear the Google Play Store cache

In most cases when the Play Store's faltering, you just need to empty the app's cache. This is a storage area that will temporarily hold data which can then quickly be retrieved again without needing to be reloaded; in short, it helps the Play Store load quicker. To empty the cache:

Go to Settings > Apps. Tap All > Google Play Store then finally tap the Clear Cache button.

On the Play Store app , you can delete the cache, data and uninstall updates. / ©

2. Clear out your Play Store data 

Along similar lines to - but more drastic than - the first tip is deleting the data from the Play Store. This sets the app back to square one and gets rid of your saved information - hopefully including whatever was glitchy data was causing the problem.

As with the previous tip, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store but this time tap Clear Data.

3. Uninstall Play Store updates

Even this can help. Sometimes an update will do more harm than good to y…

the common Google play store problem and error codes and how to fix all of them.

the common Google play store problem and error codes and how to fix all of them.

Have this ever happened to you?
You in finding an fascinating utility
and try to download it, most effective to
receive a cryptic error message
containing seemingly random numbers from Google Play
store . Beautiful annoying, correct? Here are one of the most
most long-established Google Play store error and
their solutions.

Experiencing some Google Play Store errors? We've
got the solutions!

The solutions for the errors described below are based on
the experiences of Gistpluz as well as
readers and moderators from the forum. If you encounter
any other problems with Google Play, feel free to share
your experiences in the comments and forum.

Google Play Store Error
DF-BPA-09 'Error
Processing Purchase'

The Problem

Google Play Error Processing Purchase
DF-BPA-09 happens quite often when trying to
download an app. This problem won’t go away if you
simply try downloading again, so you’ll need to go into
the settings.


Very Hot - Etisalat Browsing Unlimitedly And More Faster With Tweakware .

Very Hot - Etisalat Browsing Unlimitedly And Faster With Tweakware .

See- how to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat
Social Pack Throttling

A friend of mine just told me about a VPN application for Android called "Tweakware" ,this is another Application that is One of The Best Known VPN that rocks with ETISALAT CHAT PACK.

It is very simple. Let me quickly go straight to the Point.


Note:- you must have activate your Etisalat with with The chat Pack or Click Here . The you can proceed to the next step.

1. Go to google play store and search for Tweakware, Then Download and Install it.

2. Go and create a new APN
Name - Etisalat Chat pack
APN - etisalat
The save it.

3. Open your TweakWare App Press the Menu button on your android and Click Settings.

4. The click on Bundled Setting and tick "Use Bundled setting"
Then click on Select Bundled setting and Choose ETI CHAT PACK.

#Lobatan we are Done. Then go back and Tap CONNECT .
And …

New Tecno Phantom 5: Review and full Specification

New Tecno Phantom 5: Review and full Specification

The Tecno Phantom 5, launched 16th of September is a the
ultra-modern clever mobile via the African Smartphone brand
in the Phantom sequence.
The Tecno Phantom 5 comes with a scary
requirements and it is the cellular phone producers
flagship gadget. The smartphone comes in full metal physique
and would feature 4G LTE connectivity. The predecessor,
Tecno Phantom Z used to be an extraordinarily positive device however the
new Phantom 5 will most likely surpass it with the specs

Tecno Phantom 5 Quick Specs

•Android 5.1.1 OS (Lollipop)
•32gb Internal memory
•Octa Core Processor
•Durable Metallic Body
•16mp Back Camera
•8mp Front camera
•DTS Surround Sound Speakers
•1080p full HD Screen

The African largest mobile manufacturer has tagged the
Phantom 5 “The Next Tecno Phantom” and are ready to
make history in Africa as the leading smartphone
manufacturer by a distance with their most precious creation
and flagship which will definitely raise the stan…

GB WhatsApp v2.80 APK is Here With Exclusive featureDual WhatsApp]


It is an alternative version of the WhatsApp and to run the
second account is based on the latest version of the
application of Watts 2.12.246 and supports all Android
devices in addition to other features which are listed below.


• privacy options
• anti-ban and lock with password
• possibility to distinguish between
• collective messages and regular
• possibility of a lock for Watts in August password
• the ability to send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
•​​the possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10
• possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters
• 250 instead of 139 symbols
• the possibility of pressure on the links without storing the
message sender or the number of the owner
counter statistics for groups
• View the media without loading
• the possibility to hide the name and the date when copying
two or more
• ability to copy case
• the possibility of changing the program format, and change
the program icon and notices
• and many more feature

Useful Dangero…

How to Root and Change IMEI of Infinix Hot 2 Smart phone (Android One).

How to Root and Change IMEI of
Your Infinix Hot 2 Smart phone (Android One).

Some of my Readers are asking me how simple is the rooting
and tweaking Imei of new Infinix Hot2 before
they lay their hands on it.
The Infinix Hot2 come
with the latest Android version 5.1 Lollipop and
other awesome specification, its price also

The below tutorial will guide the Infinix Hot2
users to Root and change the Imei of their
Smartphone easily in order to flex with Glo Bis ,Etisalat Chat/Smartpak of N100 , MTN bblited of N70 etc.

Also the rooting Your phone will make you enjoy your
phone to it fullest. The method also works for
other stubborn MTK devices that are difficult to
change it's IMEI through MTK Engineering Mode.

Read- How to Generate Valid Imei for Tweaking!!

Applications Needed For The Rooting of Infinix HOT2

1. KingRoot [Download it here]
2.Strong Internet connection [Town ON your
Data Connection is highly recommended]

Procedures To Root Your Infi…

Hot- Etisalat Unlimited Browsing for the month on September Via Open Vpn Connect (updated)

Etisalat Unlimited Downloading Is Here Again Using
Open Vpn Connect
The Last Etisalat Tweak Was EtialatChatPackUnlimitedVia Psiphon .You Can Also read About the Mtn One week free Browsing HereNowHowtoActivatetheEtisalatfreebrowsingviaOpenVpnSee - Etisalat Browsing Unlimitedly And
More Faster With Tweakware .
Firstly deactivate any active chatpack on your Etisalat sim by
dialling *343*5*0#Den load #100 on your etisalat and dial*200*3*3*2*1*1#That is the Etisalat daily smatpack plan but it doesn't expireIts unlimited as far as you do not load on the sim again, you
will never get any problem.HowDoes this Etisalat free browsing via Open Vpnwork?1. Go to your playstore and Search for
OpenVpn Connect ,Download and install2. Download free open VPN
profile settings HERE to your memory card

See - Simple Way to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat
Social Pack Throttling

3. Open your open vpn connect, click on options or menu,
you will see import, click import and click on import from
SD card.
Locate the file …

Hot cheat- Mtn UnLimited Download for One Week For free (September Cheat)

I know that most of you Are Seriously in Need of Free Browsing tweak. But Disappointed that there is None. Buy we can still Flex this Mtn Unlimited one week browsing Via Simple Server.

Hot cheat- Mtn UnLimited Download for One Week For free (September Cheat)

Send a text message ENTER to 7801 and after that you will receive a reply in this format :

We are pleased to you! As an exclusive member, you have a fun week ahead: browse for 7 days and download 10 games! (Valid for 1 week).

After receiving this message just go straight
to your Access point and create new Access point

Apn -

IP -

Port - 8080

then open your simple server and configure it with the below settings :

Listen port : 8080
Proxy host :
proxy port : 8080
Injection method : GET
Injection query/Url :
Injection host :
Injection line : Enter Key '4 times'
After setting it, Connect and Power all Apps with #Auto proxy or #Proxy Droid.


First Pure Android Smart phone From Nokia- Nokia C1

Nokia has once dominated thesmartphone market,
thanks to their incredible Symbian telephone series
that runs the Symbian platform, until it was once
marched by way of the massive Apple'siPhone that runs
iOS and the tremendous vigor Google's Android in smartphone war I,
nevertheless, Nokia

Read- Five Important Reasons
why you should not
use the New Tecno
Camon c8

There have been rumors that Nokia is coming back
tosmartphone market, categorically to Android
market after the manufacturer suffered a suite back in
their earlier release of low-finish Android telephones
which runs a modified Android variant, the
Nokia X and Nokia XL, which expertise they
deliver is not near that of a pure Android gadget.

Read- Useful Dangerous Apps
you should Use on your
Rooted Android Phone

Again in 2011 when Microsoft signed a handle the
Finland-centered manufacturer to use Microsoft
windows phone operating method on future Nokia
mobile instruments. 2 years later after which Microsoft
announced the Nokia mobile…

Five Important Reasons why you should not use the New Tecno Camon c8

Tecno Camon C8 is the modern-day flagship gadget from Tecno and the web is filled with the information of this gadget. One blog or the other is talking about how wonderful the Smart phone is and a few even claim is the Infinix Killer. In my possess opinion i suppose thc Tecno Camon C8 is over-hyped and its not even worth the rate and all the attentions given to it.

Its true that the Camera is awesome, I will not deny the awesomeness of the camera but except from the camera tell me why i should buy this Tecno device? Huh…

Before i tell you  the 5 Things The Tecno Camon C8 Lacks i think you should know the specifications.


Platform: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core Processor
GPU: –
Memory: 1GB RAM
Colours: Numerous Colours
Dimension: –
Weight: –
SIM Type: SIM1: Mini-SIM, SIM2: Micro-SIM
SIM Count: Dual SIM, Dual Standby


Display: 5.5-inch Touch Display, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 ppi)
Display Protection: –

Few Things You Should
know About The New
Android Marsh…