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Enjoy one day free browsing on MTN with this Opera tweak

Telecommunications company MTN seems to
have partnered with popular news website
and popular browser Opera Mini.
They are offering 24hour free internet access on
opera browser.

With your MTN sim and opera mini browser, you
can browse for free with N0.00 . You don’t need to
anything at all.


How To Enjoy This Offer From MTN?Make sure you have the latest version of operamini.
If you don’t, Download from playstore.
Visit http://webpass.opera.comUse mtn default settings…
I guess this is only for Operamini.But to use this on other apps and on PC Downloadsimpleserver from play store and change only this below.Injection querry/url:  http://
server4.operamini.comInjection Host: server4.operamini.comFor mobile Download
Autoproxy + Simpleserver
to power all other appsRemember to create a new APN settings on your
phone as follows.
Proxy: 8080APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.netSave And Activate it as your default settings

Does your phone Lag alot? Three quick ways to instantly speed up your Android phone without app

Everyone’s looking for easy ways to speed up their
phone, especially methods that don’t involve rooting or,
well, buying a new one. Here’s three quick tips that can
give you instant performance benefits.Change your launcherMost Android phones come with the manufacturer’s
custom skin which contains additional software and
functions over that which you would get from the
‘vanilla’ build of Android.
While these skins often add useful features they can also
be quite large and demanding on the phone’s resources
and cause it to be slowdown in the process.
Changing to a third party launcher can bring about
noticeable improvements in speed, especially one of the
more stripped back launchers like Nova or Apex.These are faster and free from lag, but note that in
some cases the stock launcher will continue to be loaded
into memory as well.


Change multitasking settingsDelving into Android’s developer settin…

OPENVPN : MTN Unlimited Browsing with Zero Naira via OpenVpn on Android.


I have this sensational feeling that our IMEI
Tweaking days are over and it’s time to get back all
our money stolen from us during the MTN BIS
ON PC and ANDROID days.this tweak works flawlessly on the most
anticipated and ever lovely OpenVpn.HOW DO I BROWSE FREE WITH
OPENVPN?Download and install Open VPN on your
Android from Either playstore or this blog.Import this SEXY configuration file to OpenVpn :
Download it HERE
Connect and start blazing, remember, this trick isSTRICTLY  UNLIMITED.
if it does not work comment here

Android hacking problems solved: How to fix a bricked phone and more

There are many benefits to be gained from hacking and
modding your phone. But it can be a daunting process
with a steep learning curve. Many users will find
themselves following instructions without really
understanding what is happening.
To help you understand a bit more about the issues
involved we’ve taken a look at some of the frequently
asked questions users have about rooting.


Will I still get OTA updates
on a rooted phone?
The answer to this depends on who manufactured your
phone. Generally speaking, if you are rooted but still
running the original, unmoved ROM then your device
should still check and alert you to the availability of
over the air updates. Installing them will very likely
unroot your phone in the process so you will need to
reroot afterwards.If you have modded your ROM, including relatively
simple things like removing pre-installed apps, then the
OTA update will probably fail. Reversing the mods
should make it work again.If you’re runni…

Step by Step guide to set up and use the Xposed Framework

The mods range from simple device-specific things like
improving camera performance on a single device or
customising a specific launcher , to major utilities that
enable you to fully power-up your device. These are
available through Modules —small apps that are installed
through the Framework app.
The Xposed Framework works on most Android
devices, but requires them to be rooted first. Let’s take
a look at how to get set up with and start using
Xposed.Download and install Xposed
FrameworkEnsure your device is rooted before you begin, then
download the Xposed Framework APK. There’s an
official thread about Xposed on
where you can find information on updates, as well as
help and support. If you want, you can also download
and view the Xposed Installer source .Install the Xposed APK—you’ll need to have
Unknown Sources ticked first.Launch the Xposed Installer app. To activate it
tap Framework followed by Install/Update .Grant Superuser …

Topic: NEW: Any Wifi NetworkAround U with Ogbongeapp.

Hi , most of our fans liue in
areas surrounded with wireless

And we hv so much mails as
to how to bypass wifi passwords and
penetrate their data.
Today i bring to u an ogbonge
app called wps.wpatester to help do
+ bugfix
+ added 5 new routers default PinRequirement
+ Android 4.0 and up+ phone must be rooted
+ Busy box must b installed Download
HEREAdhere strictly to the below
Instructions1. Make sure ur phone is rooted and
busybox installed Already.2. Now DOWNLOAD WPS
HACK3. Now open App and Flex on. “pls dnt
my Wifi”
Note: I hv droped somany free wifi
hack app.
Although Akpati has A snipper tool
(All in one_wifi Tool) + Pdf to help
Hack any wifi around ,if u need it
.then request 4 it here

Hottest : Glo Is Here Again With Free 1GB Blazing On All Devices…. NO TWEAKING REQUIRED

Get 1GB on ur glo @ #100…

No Tweaking Needed…

Load #150

Go to ur msg, text 1 to 8070

#100 will be remuved and U b granted
1GB For 2weeks…

Works on all devices..

works on all simcards and no tweaking

Just follow d procedure and u gonna
smile @ last


Best MTN tariff Plan you should use

We'll be looking at the best of the best tariff
plans that mtn has to offer.(BestTruTalk Plus +
Rate: 11 kobo per second (N6.6/min)Usage: Flat to all networksConditions: N5 daily access fee
(Charged only when you make the first
call once a day)How to Migrate to Mtn Truetalk+Code to migrate: Dial “*123*20#”Code to check call balance on MTN: Dial
*556#2nd Best Tariff Plan: MTN ZoneRate: Varies depending on location and
time of callLowest rate 4k/s (N2.4/min) andhighest rate 40k/s (N24/min)
Usage: Discount only for MTN to MTN
national calls
How to Migrate to Mtn Zone and Start Making
Cheap CallsCode to migrate: Dial “*135*1#” or
text “135” to “131”Code to check call balance on MTN: Dial
Code to see your active call rate: Dial
*135*3#Code to view info about your current
zone: Dial *135*2#Remember to enable cell broadcast on
your phone to display the current rates
on your screen
.3rd Best Mtn Tariff Plan 2015: MTNiPulseRate: 10 kobo per second (N6/min)
after first minute charge at 42k/sec
Usage: Fla…

Simple Method to Change IMEI of HTC,SAMSUNG,SONY,LG and all other Non MTK devices without PC

Today i will like to tell you about how to change
and other Non-MTK Devices without PC.if you have been following my blog very well you
will notice that i have wrote a tutorial about how to
PC well this trick still works but its a little bit
stressful though.This new method is easy and can be easily done via
your mobile phone no need of pc.Before i proceed i will like to bring it
to your notice that you are
responsible for whatsoever damage
you cause to your phone Gistpluz
will never be held liable.REQUIREMENTS1. Make sure you are rooted,if you are not you
can read the easy rooting steps here2. Download and Install XPOSED
COMMENT5. USE YOUR HEAD !!!Now you have all this Apllications installed so we
are ready to proceed.HOW DO I CHANGE MY IMEI VIA
MOBILEOpen the Xposed Installer and navigate to
FrameWork.It wiil ask for SuperUser Permission please grant
it let it acquire…

Simple Trick To Increase Internet Speed on Android phones

slow internet conections
has bugged somany android
userz,especialy if ur phone has low
Today i brough a simple gud tutorial to
help bypass slow internet on ur
android phones.
Requirements :-1. Dns Changer App2. Your Android Device Must Be
Rooted.Features: –1) It can be used on any device
whether its samsung or micromax or
LG or Xolo or Any MTK Device.2) It can be used on any sim like airtel
or mtn or glo or etisalat or vodafone.3) Increase Internet speed by changing
the dns of your phone.Adhere strictly to the concise
instructions below1. Download Dns Changer App HERE2. Then Install it in your device. Then
Open it and it will ask for root
permissions, click on grant button.3. Put primary DNS as
Put Alternate DNS as Now Click on Set Button and feel the
difference.Method 2.if u dont wish to use my above tested
method,u ar free to test the below all
in one app called Network Speed
Booster>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE (2.0mb)

NotE: Drop ur comments and
observations using d below box.

Universal Method For Changing Any Android IMEI to BB IMEI + HTC Androids Special Method

It's bothering me a lot seeing other Android users
complaining that they can’t use the Glo Bis on their
device due to the fact that their device failed to work
with given methods of Changing IMEI.
Today, we are going to discuss how to change HTC
IMEI and any other Android devices.Disclaimer:
Changing of IMEI is illegal in
some countries, and I will not be held
responsible for any consequences that
befall the changer.Remember to write down your original
IMEI number and keep it safe. Also,
backup your original IMEI incase
anything goes wrong, then revert using
the above procedures for changing.
How to Change HTC Android
Devices IMEI
First of all, your HTC Android phone must be
rooted. Check >> here<< for the recommended method
of rooting HTC Devices. You may skip that if your
phone is already rooted and continue with the steps
below.1. Download Android SDK Tools here to your
PC.2. Go to bootloader by putting off your HTC Phone
then power it on while holding the volume down button

Simple Way on to rooting Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos TV GT-S7273T

These are the instructions to root Samsung Galaxy S2
Duos TV GT-S7273T smartphone (running on android
4.2.2) using the KingRoot Application on the mobile itself
(no need of computer).

Requirements : Your smartphone should have atleast
20 percent of device battery or more to begin the root

Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos TV GT-
S7273T using KingRoot

Step 1 : On your Android Device, Open Settings >
Security > Device Administration > Unknown Source
(tick to enable it).

Step 2 : Download and install KingRoot APK on
your Android Device.

Step 3 : Once Installation is completed, you will be able
to see the following icon in the Launcher Menu:

Step 4 : Tap on the KingRoot Icon to Open it. Once
KingRoot Application is launched you will be able to see
the following screen:

Step 5 : Now, Tap on the Start Root Button to begin
the root process.

Step 6 : Within a minute or two you will be able to see
the Big Green Tick, which signifies that your device is
rooted successfully.

Step 7 : Restart your Android D…

make a Clockworkmod ( [Tutorial] How to manually create / flash Clockworkmod to an MTK phone

If you're unable to flash Clockworkmod 5 to your
MTK Android phone (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix,
Opsson, Innjoo, Lead1, TLC etc) for whatever reason
then here's a guide on how to manually flash it.* Note that the procedure is the same for
MTK based Android phones.Requirement1. Download MTK droid tools
2. Download PdaNet
3. A PC
4. USB cord
5. A working phone (this is needed to install Mediatek
drivers; its ok whether rooted or not)
6. The phone you wish to flash CWM to (might be the
same phone as that above if its not bricked but needs to
be rooted for this purpose)
7. Make an MTK backup first just in case something
goes wrong (

1. Enable USB debugging on a working phone
(Settings > Developer > Tick USB Debugging. If no
Developer under Settings then go to Settings > About
> Keep tapping Build Number till Developer appears
under Settings ) and connect it to the PC2. With the phone connected, install PdaNet (Select
Other from the list ; you should see "Drivers
Successfully I…

[Tutorial] How to make an MTK Droid tools backup of an MTK Android phone

Note: This procedure is the same for all
MTK based Android phones (e.g Tecno,
Gionee, Infinix, TLC, Opsson, Innjoo,
Lead1 etc )# See the video tutorial below or @ needed* A working MTK phone
* Download PdaNet
* Download MTK Droid tools
* PC
* USB CordProcedure* Enable USB debugging on the good MTK phone
(Settings > Developer > Tick USB Debugging) then
connect it to PC. If you don't find Developer under
Settings then go to Settings > About > Keep taping
Build Number* Install PdaNet on the PC with the USB
debugging enabled working MTK phone still connected
(Select Other from the list of devices during
installation)* At the end of PdaNet installation, you should get a
"drivers successfully installed" message
* Exit PdaNet in system tray (bottom right corner of
PC)* Launch MTK droid tools as Administrator (right-
click > run as Administrator) still with the working
MTK phone connected to PC
* MTK droid tools should detect and display the
phones det…

start a BlackBerry smartphone in Safe Mode

Safe mode is designed to allow troubleshooting or
remove any unwanted applications and can also be used
to prevent third-party applications from running
automatically when starting the BlackBerry
smartphone.To start-up a BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry
smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software
4.6 to 5.0 in Safe Mode, complete the following steps:1. Remove and reinsert the BlackBerry smartphone
battery.2. When the red LED (Light-Emitting Diode) goes
out, press and hold the Escape key (the key just right of
the center trackpad) until the loading screen appears
then release the Escape key.3. When the BlackBerry smartphone boots up the
Safe Mode disclaimer listed below appears, click OK
to dismiss the disclaimer.To start-up a BlackBerry Storm 2 and BlackBerry
smartphones running BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7
to 7.1 in Safe Mode complete the following steps:1. Remove and reinsert the BlackBerry smartphone
battery.2. Once the loading bar is displayed on the screen of
the BlackBerry smartphone, press …

recover a BlackBerry smartphone from any state

How to to recover a BlackBerry smartphone after all
other possible means of recovery have been exhausted.

* Remove the battery from the BlackBerry

* Open a web browser on a PC (Mozilla Firefox is
recommended ) and navigate to
redirect.php? (Ensure to click
'Skip Ad' to proceed)

* Click Check for Updates.

* Wait for the Device Connection dialog box to
appear with no result for pin.
* Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to
the computer
with the battery removed.

* Press Ok when the PIN field is populated with the
BlackBerry smartphones PIN number or PIN-
Unknown is displayed.
Note: Some BlackBerry smartphones may be in a
reset loop, which will cause the field to populate and
This is not an issue; pressing OK when the
PIN field is populated will allow the process to move

* Select the appropriate version of BlackBerry
Device Software and applications for the BlackBerry
smartphone, click Next.

* At the Review the following options befo…

fix a Blackberry whose Hotspots keeps getting automatically disconnected

When faced with a Blackberry whose Hotspot keeps
going off on its own, consider this fix:

* Go to Manage Connections and turn on Mobile
Hotspot (WI-FI will automatically come on)

* Go back to Home screen > Options

* Select Networks and Connections

* Select Mobile Hotspot Connections

* Untick 'Don't allow any more devices to connect'

* Tick 'Allow connected devices to exchange data with
each other'

* Set 'Auto shutoff timer' to a higher value or never


How to fix the “Application not installed” error onan Android phone

If you’re an app maniac then you should have encountered
the “Application not installed” error while installing apps at
one point or another; but, don’t get me wrong, even people
who hardly install apps could encounter this error too.
issue is sometimes accompanied by a mount error in
recovery mode where you get unable to mount Data,
Cache, System, SD card… etc partition errors while
attempting to wipe the Android phone or flash a ROM.

Resolving this issue is easy once you are able to diagnose
and identify the culprit.

Could my phone be infected with a Virus or Malware?
Quite possible. In many cases like this where a virus or
malware is involved, you’ll usually end up with a corrupted
storage partition, and guess what! A corrupted storage
partition is the most common cause of the Application not
installed error.
The possible virus or malware attack is
however not serious enough for you to
format / wipe your
Android phone so don’t delete all your precious files out of
a panic attack.

While installin…

Tutorial on How to fix an overheating Blackberry

Its bad enough that your Blackberry doesn’t have a great
battery life, then it has to go overheating on you! In this
brief guide, we’ll be discussing why your Blackberry might
be overheating (and getting drained faster in the process) ,
how to prevent it, and what to do when you find yourself
in such a fix.

What could cause a Blackberry phone to overheat?

Common causes of an overheating Blackberry phone are:

Charging via PC: Constantly charging your
Blackberry using a PC (instead of a wall charger) is
one of the major causes of a swollen / damaged battery

Incompatible charger: The charger might be too
powerful or not powerful enough for the phone

Damaged battery: A damaged battery will not charge /
discharge efficiently, resulting in overheating

Running too many heavy apps at a time: Running too
many apps or too many processor intensive ones at a
time will increase the CPU load, causing the device to
heat up

Battery intensive processes: Battery intensive processes
like high screen brightness, 3G, Wi-Fi, …

How to fix the Android Black Screen of Death

If you’ve ever had your Android phone go unresponsive or
black on you while in use (and still on) then this is one
variant of the Android black screen of death (different from
when the Android phone is bricked and totally dead). In
this very scenario we’ll be discussing, you’ll see lights on the
soft keys (Home, Menu and Back) which indicates that the
phone is still on but the screen will be totally black, no key
or buttons responding.

What could cause the Android Black Screen of Death?

This error usually points at a slow, hanging or lagging
android (see ) so
you might want to consider the following:

Launcher problems: The launcher in use might be
experiencing some problems

Buggy applications: Some apps might be encountering
errors or have used up the phone’s resources

Screen protector / guard: If these interfere with the
phone’s sensors then this could be a problem

How do I fix the Android black screen of death?

If you have…

[Tutorial] How to increase RAM in Android mobile phone using SD Card

Once of the worst thing that can ever happen to
Android users is for their device to be crawling like
snail or freezes whenever you open one or more
applications . This kind of problem normally
happens when your Android device is running low on
RAM, therefore you can’t open all the necessary
games and apps because of this.# Method 1: How to increase ram in Android Mobile
using App
RAM expander gives you an additional
RAM space on your SD card.
I know you will be wondering how an app can
increase the RAM of your android device.
The app canincrease the RAM of Smartphone
with a new technology in which a new file is created
called as SWAP file on the SD card and this file is
used as Virtual RAM to boost the performance of
Android Smartphone . The App that can do this
unthinkable task isROEHSOFTRAMEXPANDER.Let me quickly introduce you to ROEHSOFT
Expander .ROEHSOFT RAM Expander will
bail you
out of insufficient RAM memory. This appuses part
of your memory card as ram if your SD card is
large.Why Should I Use

How to easily make an Android phone run faster or stop lagging

A slow, hanging, crashing or lagging Android phone can be
a very frustrating companion to have. There are so many
Android apps that most Android users either fall into the
trap of installing too many or installing buggy apps that could
cause their Android phones to become slow or even get
bricked (like the fonts app). Apps are not the only cause of a
slow Android phone (though they are, in most cases) so we
shall discuss the most common causes of a slow Android
phone and how to make an Android phone run faster.What could make an Android phone to become slow?
Too many heavy applications running at a time: When
too many memory consuming applications are running at
a time then a slow Android phone is imminentToo many apps installed: An Android phone can
encounter a low internal memory due to too many apps
installedToo many task managers / RAM boosters / Antivirus:
Many Android users make the mistake of installing
multiple task managers / RAM boosters / Antivirus
which, together, have a negativ…

How to fix an Android phone that automatically goes off or shuts down frequently

One pretty annoying experience is a mobile phone suddenly
going off on you, especially when you’re working on a
document, article or doing something really important;
something you were careless enough not to have saved.

we’ll be taking a look at this same issue on
Android phones, a commonly ignored ‘suicide note’ to you
from your smartphone.

What could cause an Android phone to automatically go off
or shutdown frequently?

The most common causes of this issue are:

Damaged battery: The battery of the phone might be
swollen or damaged

Overheating: The phone might be overheating due to a
hardware or software issue, causing it to shutdown in
order to cool

.Rogue or incompatible applications: An incompatible
application (usually apps that require root permission ;
could be causing the OS to crash

Incompatible ROM or buggy update: Flashing an
incompatible Stock ROM, Custom ROM or a
buggy / unstable OS update could be another factor


How to fix an Android phone that doesn’t charge (or discharges) when connected to a power source

It could be really confusing to see the charging sign on your
phone when connected to your charger only for your battery
percentage to remain at the same level for hours or in fact
drop steadily. If you’re a heavy user then you must have
encountered this on one or two occasions

) but that isn’t to say that light users are exempted from this
puzzling phenomenon.
Lets look at it from a less-techy perspective for a moment.
If you connect your charger (which is supposed to increase
battery levels) but the battery levels are dropping instead,
then it must either mean that the phone isn’t being charged at
all or the battery is being consumed faster than its being
charged. Now that we’ve established this, lets proceed.
Why is my Android phone discharging despite being
connected to a power source?

Common causes of this issue are:

Faulty power source: If you’re charging using a PC
(via USB cord) or from a faulty power source then
this is possible

Faulty USB port: A loose, cracked or broken phone
USB port could b…

How to flash a custom recovery (like CWM or TWRP) on Android

<img src=""

If you have decided to take a trip to the land of custom
ROMs and Android hacking in general, you’d need to take
one first step - flash (install) a custom recovery. In this
article, we explain what exactly is a ‘custom recovery’,
how you install it, and what are some popular solutions.

Let’s start with the fact that every phone ships with stock
recovery software. Stock recoveries vary slightly between
phone makers, but they are identical in their essence - they
allow you to manually flash official updates and clear your
phone’s cache. Sounds limited? It is, and that’s why custom
recoveries exist.

Custom recoveries that we’ll flash here replace the limited
stock ones, adding all sorts of functionality to your phone.
Flashing a custom recovery is often a key part of the
rooting process, but that is not its only use. Here is a short
summary of all that you can do …