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AndroidTutorialHow to boot Android phone intosafe mode to troubleshoot problems

Android device might start showing up their naughty behaviour, issues like lagging, freezing or apps misbehaving, there is a special mode to troubleshoot these kind of problems, Safe mood, whereby all third party apps you installed on your Android phone would be disabled, this will enable you to fix any error caused by a misbehaving app or settings you mistakenly tampered. A typical example of this is when you installed an app and all of a sudden your android phone start misbehaving, without stressing yourself much, it’s obvious it’s due to the app you installed, common issue with this is the app settings clashing with your phone system settings.

To fix this type of error, you have to disable all third party apps since you can’t say exactly which app is causing the issue, here is how to fix it;

Booting Android phone into safe mode

For most Android phones, to enter safe mode, you will have to press and hold the power key to bring the power options; power off, reboot and airplane mode, you…

Surf Unlimitedly with his Magic IP Update For Etisalat Unlimited Free Surfing On Android Device With N0.0

since MTN has blocked our mean of surfing the Net for free, Etisalat on the other hand is surifng the Net for free with the aid of psiphon,  so n this article am going to guide you guys on how to surf the NET with this old tweak.. it very simple, just make sure that you have the latest PSIPHON. click here to download 
to use this tweak, make sure you dont have any data or airtime on your sim card.

open your psiphon and configure as below,

In your Psiphon under Proxy type choose reverse proxy….

Then in your proxy Server, input;

then in real proxy server , imput any of this IPs and Ports 3128…. 8888….. 3128….. 3128….

save it and click on the More options , set it as below with the Ip and port you want.

thats all. then go back and it the start button.

Note: This tweak usually takes time to connect, like 5 to 10mins.

… So, you need to exercise patient befo…

download the Infinix zero 2 (V2.0) OctOs Lollipop Rom

Infinix zero 2 (V2.0) OctOs Lollipop RomI bring to you good news for all Infinix Zero 2 users, This Infinix zero 2 (V2.0) OctOs Lollipop Rom.
Built and Based on the Lollipop ported by Amr_virusx from Infinix Xclub all credits goes to him for putting so much hard work to port this beautiful custom rom for Infinix Zero 2 users.

1- you need to be on kitkat (Lollipop Users Please Downgrade Back to KitKat if you need to install this rom)

2- TWRP recovery must be installed on your phone (Download It From Here).

3- download the rom and gapps and copy them to sdcard.

4- boot to recovery.
5- wipe cache – dalvik cache – system.

6- install rom.

7- install gapps.

8- wipe cache – dalvik cache.

9- reboot.

10- turn off location in SETTINGS, reboot your phone.

11- enjoy the rom.

OCT OS Features:

1- All CM 12.1 features + OctOS features.

2- The battery life is very good.

3- Call quality is so good.

4- rooted.

5- Look at the screenshots.

video playback from not wor…

Mtn Introduces Weekend Bundle capped at 3Gb for N300

This info is online for some days now, but I want to do some research on it before I post it here.
Like we all know, MTN is giving out 3GB of data for just N300 recharge card to their customers on night weekends plan.
It was actually a nice plan cause you got to browse for all weekends.

The nice part of this is "if you can't use the MB finish till the end of that weekend, your account will be automatically charge the next weekend and the remaining MB from previous weekend will roll over with another 3GB of that present weekend", which makes it 3GB + previous weekend remaining MB.

How to subscribe:-

Load a N300 recharge card on your MTN Card and dial *123*3*1*5*2#.

There is actually a "Discount Coupon" people are using about this new plan.

It was said that if you don't have up to N300 on your SIM, if you try the code above, you will get a "Transaction Failed" error but you will also be credited with 3GB and N20 will be charge from your SIM.

Just Di…

Infinix Zero. Buy cheaper with

Designing Infinix Zero was the result of numerous sketches, engineering processes and material selection. As the result, the users got highly resistant shell much liter and tighter than steel, ultra-resistant to damages and great to feel in your palm. High graphic resolution lets you enjoy media content, and great touch screen reaction makes the work fast and productive. Camera provides the possibility to shoot great pictures even in the dark environment.

Moreover, it works just with a single wave of your hand!
You can buy a great cheap device at It is the place, where you can find anything without any problems. Jiji is the classifieds with the constantly growing number of users. Everyone can register and post an advert. The service is available all over the country. Due to the smart interface, it is very convenient and simple in use. Scan the list of items,

compare different offers, pick something you like and don’t hesitate to contact a seller.

iji is a place where you can bu…

how to bypass tweakware bandwidth limit

This article features the best tips for using Tweakware for unlimited downloads without stress. It is divided into 3 parts which include how to fix proxy socket connection failed in Tweakware, how to bypass the daily bandwidth restriction of 100mb and get free browsing and unlimited downloads especially on Etisalat. Finally, we will show you how to get a stable uninterrupted internet connection for this tweak and stop it from disconnecting at intervals. For best performance, you will need to download the latest Tweakware version 0.7 from here.

firstly you need to know how to configure tweakware to work click here to see how

How To Fix Proxy Socket Connection Failed In Tweakware - 

1. Download, install and Run your Tweakware v0.7 app, locate the Option button at the top right corner and tap on it to take you to settings.

2. Select “Settings” and first go down and tap on “Reset Setting” then go back up and ta on “Network Settings”.

3. Check the box beside “Connect Via HTTP Proxy” to enable p…


Free browsing tweak on MTN with music+ is here once again, get 150 MB data per subscription for free with MTN music plus data and reload it each time it finishes as many time as you want all day or get a SMS scheduler to send the sub code periodically. With this settings, you are guaranteed unlimited free downloads on mtn musicplus cheat. It is thatsimple on Psiphon and Simple Server settings.
How to Set Up Psiphon for Unlimited Browsing on MTN 1. With these settings, you can repeat the subscription as many times as you can but remember to opt out first when the mb finishes before subscribing again. Make sure you have zero naira 2. Subscribe and activate the MTN musicplus Bundle by text: MUSIC to 5900 then wait for the reply  or after some seconds Check your musicplus mb balance with the code: *559*2# 3. Click here to download and install the latest Psiphon handler 100

4. Open the installed Psiphon app and configure the handler as follows: -Proxy Type: Real Host Under X-Online-Host, -Pr…

Cheap Data Plans for Android, iPhone, iPad and PC in Nigeria

One of the rampant issues faced by most Android phone users and iOS users is the issue of cheap data plans for their smartphone, to get an affordable data bundle that will sustain you through internet browsing, chatting, downloads and the likes is a big deal if you are using Android phone, iPhone or iPad simply because of how much they deduct MB. Gone are those days of java phone where data plan is cheap and also a little megabyte will do you, reverse is the case when it comes to Android, iPhone and iPad.
Blackberry users enjoys cheap data plan on their blackberry phones but unfortunately enough, most of these data bundles does not work for android phone and iOS phones at least without tweaking, this is really frustrating and seems unfair to Android and iOS users. Some network provider offers cheap data plan for Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, twitter and the likes for Android and iOS, but how manage will you be restricted to just one app, i guess this is not for every people, n…

Specifications of InfinixBig6 Infinix Note 2 with leaked photos of Infinix X600

We all can’t wait after reading the official announcement of Infinix Mobility about their new flagship device coming to stores near you on 29th of November 2015.
We can’t wait No More, so I finally got the leaked, think it has been released in some other countries in Africa. The phone is awesome

Screen Size :
6.0 inches

Operating System :
Android 5.1 XUI [Lollipop]

Battery :
4040mah Li-On Battery

Storage and Memory :
16GB Rom + 1.5GB Ram

Camera :
13mp back camera
2mp front camera

Chipset :

And finally its going to be called Infinix X600 or the Infinix NOTE 2.

Infinix X600

What do you think about this Device? Will you get one? Let us know via the comments box.

How To Root Infinix Hot 2 X510 Without PC

Infinix Hot 2 Popularly referred to as “InfinixHottestOne”  this trending device has been in stores for a long time. Lots of people own this phone and still find it difficult to root it. 

Today I will guide you on “How To Root Infinix Hot 2 X510”.
DISCLAIMER : GISTPLUZ.COM can never be held responsible for anything that happens to your device. Try this at your own risk.

How To Root Infinix Hot 2 X510 

Be sure you download the Latest Version ofKingroot v4.5.2
Install Kingroot and Open the Application

Click on Start Root, let the rooting begin.
Be sure you’re connected to the Internet.

If everything works well, you should be rooted within a twinkle of an eye.
It’s advisable you reboot after this process.
Let us know if it worked out for you via the comments box below.

Photo Credits : Wale Adekile : Geek.Ng

comment here if you have any other problem

how to root and change the Imei of Tecno Camon C8

The Tecno Camon C8 sounds more like a Camera name than a Smartphone. But a new smartphone from Tecno Mobile it is featuring a 13MP rear camera and 5MP Front Camera with flash. The manufacturer hypes the phone  as a Camera centric Smartphone.

Aside the Camera capabilities, Camon C8 which is a technically upgraded version of the Tecno Camon C5 features a 5.5 inch HD IPS display, 1.3GHz Quad processor, Android 5.0  Lollipop, 3000mAh battery, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM expandable to 32GB via MicroSD card.

The Tecno Camon C8 is very stubborn device when it comes to rooting, because the popular and easiest apps such as Kingroot, Vroot, Framaroot, Tecnoroot, Rootgenius etc., are not working for it. The below tutorial will guide the Tecno Camon C8 users to Root and change the IMEI of their Smartphone.

Important Notice
After rooting your phone, it’s advisable to unroot before performing an OTA update or restoring factoring settings.

Materials Needed For Rooting
» PC with internet connection

Hot- How to browse Unlimitedly With N0.00 on your Mtn Line

Hello guys, how is your weekend going? Hope you are still Surfing the Etisalat Unlimited browsing

Not while ago I posted how to use HTTP INJECTOR WITH ETISALAT CHATPACKClick here to read it

With #0.00 on your mtn line u can now surf
the net using Slow DNS.

Just follow the simple steps and you are good to


"VPN Over DNS"

Make sure to Use your default phone APN.

After that open your SLOW DNS and set as follow:

• Dont touch the first and second box, move to third
box and select any free server of your choice

• on the forth box you will see something of this
nature DNS-1 IP delete it and input this

• tick on "Keep changing source port" and alsobtick on "Binary Query" and connect.

After that wait for the proper authentication
and client configuration.

Once it connects you are good. Just continue surfing but don't download because you must have an upgrade to tunnel premium server.

Keep surfing the net for free. Drop comment for cl…

How to use Etisalat Chatpack, 2go Mb and Mtn Bis with HTTP INJECTOR

It not a new thing that Etisalat chatPack Have Stop Working on Psiphon..
Read More Details Here

Today, I bring you another Coolest way to Rock
your Etisalat Chat Pack and Mtn bblite
package . For some of you having Issue in
bypassing Social Me Speed Throttling, This App
helps you Lifts the Speed Limit and enjoy Super Fast Downloading speed.

HTTP INJECTOR is another
wonderful alternative of Tweakware, OpenVpn
Connect, Psiphon handler and Others.

Http Injector Give you the benefit for using Free Premium server Unlike the Tweakware app that
you have to pay before using premium server.

Http Injector Can be Connected on His Own and
Can Also be Connected Together With Other



STEP 1: You Need To Create a free Account For
your Http Injector Just Here to create
and create the free account.

Note: One account can be
Used on One or Two devices only. Each Account
Created Have Validity of 3days or 1week and You can Easily renew the account after…


I have received several mails from my users
telling me that their etisalat chatpack with
psiphon has stopped working and that is
why I have decided to
use this medium to reveal the latest sad
news about psiphon with etisalat.

Three months ago, some developers
released a new app which was to be used to
make etisalat chatpack also known as
etimumu chatpack unlimited. The app was
the one we popularly know as PSIPHON.
This app worked for a long period of time but as at last two week ago, it stopped working on all phones which means that etisalat has
finally discovered the trick we have been
using against them and then decided to
block it.

Though, this tweak is still working but you
will need to subscribe to either of their
daily, weekly or monthly chatpack plan Click here to Get the Codes

Well, we are not giving up on this because sooner or later another means will be discovered on how to browse unlimited on etisalat. But for now we can still be using the MTN 2go/Samsung imei cheat.

See how to Use Etisal…


Phantom 5 The latest and most expensive also
most impressive device from Tecno is yet to
receive another red carpet recognition.
This November Tecno will be releasing updates
for their Beautifully made Tecno Phantom 5 and
Boom J7 and this updates will be Android 6.0
the latest From Google.

Marshmallow has been installed on some
Premium devices ranging from Nexus, hTc but
Tecno seems to be the first to bring this updates
to Africa Recognized devices. So if you’re a
Phantom 5 or Boom J7 User I hope you’re
getting ready to rock this new update.

Latest Mtn Free browsing for the month October and November

MTN free browsing/Downloading is here again, so, no dulling guys. just make sure that your Psiphon, Openvpn and Simple Server are ready for work. This free browsing have limted time,Probably going to End on  January 31st, 2016.
How To Activate The Free Browsing

Grab your MTN sim card Then Send jumapp  to 131

Now configured your Favorite Vpn’s

For Psiphon Users

Now set your MTN APN settings as
Proxy: blank
Port: blank

ClickHERE to Download the Psiphon handler for android device

Open your Psiphon handler

Under Proxy type select ‘‘real host”

Under Proxy server:

Then leave the others and save.

Then click on Option => More option. Under “proxy settings”’ check the “connect through an HTTP Proxy” box.

Mark Use the following settings

Host Address:

Port: 8080


Now set your MTN APN settings as
Port: 8080
Listen port = 8080
Mark enable proxy box
proxy host =
proxy port = 808…

Solution to Etisalat Social Me not working Again

Hello Guys, It been a While I Posted on My blog.  It because i Have been busy all this while, Anyway I am still going to do my best to make sure you guys get the best from me.

Early this Morning I received too many complaints from my readers  about the Etisalat Social Me /chat pack not working again on their device. so I decided to go test it my self and indeed it has stopped working.

Rumors has it that Etisalat has Blocked the social Me pack with is N100 for one day from Exceeding the normal one day, because it was formally Unlimited despite the fact that Etisalat Normally send us a message concerning the chatpack auto renewal stuff.

" Dear Customer,Your protocol based Pack has expired and your renewal failed.Recharge and buy additional pack to continue enjoying the plan."

so this is what you should know about the Current Etisalat free browsing tweak.

• If you have earlier subscribed for the social Me one day play
*200*3*3*2*1*1# > N100, Kindly note that …

How to Share Your AndroidVPN internet Connection to AnyOther Devices

Many of us do use Psiphon handler, Openvpn Connect, Tweakware to rock MTN bblite plan and Etisalat social me unlimited plan and it is not New that most of us do have issue in sharing our connection to other devices because it’won’t work. But don’t worry, the solution is here.

Today, am going to show you how easily
you can share your Psiphon handler,
Open VPN Connect
and other Android
VPN connection to any Devices that
uses WiFi such as Blackberry , PC,
Android Smart phones, iPhone e.t.c.

The application we are going to make use of is called DF Tethering Fix.

DF Tethering Fix allows you to remove
limitation on tethering imposed by
android and let you use your mobile
Vpn networks such as Psiphon,
OpenVpn, Tweakware etc.

You can share the network using your mobile hotspot then other devices can connect to your Hotspot Using WiFi and browse happily.

NOTE: Before you proceed , Make sure your devices is rooted

How DF Tethering Fix Works.

Click HERE to download DF Tethering
app on your android device.


Download Updated Version of Psiphon Handler and enjoy Etisalat Smartpak with new settings

Am pretty sure that most of us are
familiar with Psiphon handler.
Either using it for Mtn bblite sub or using it
for the Etisalat Unlimited browsing/
downloading. But some of us are having
issues with our current psiphon
handler82 version
. Some having issue
with the app because it frequently
disconnecting itself and some having
issue with the delay of connecting to
the server. If you are victim of any of
the listed above issues, then the
solution is here.

I recently received the updated version
of Psiphon handler from a friend and i
decided to share you all the app. The
Update version works greater and
better than the previous version. In
this post, am only going to take about,
how you can use the Psiphon handler
with the Etisalat Unlimited
Downloading/Browsing. So that new
freebies can Enjoy from the on-going
unlimited Awoof.
Let’s get started.

Before you proceed: For those using
Chat Pak Or any other Pak apart from
social me. Will have to opt out from
there previous plan. Because you can’t
bypass speed thrott…

How to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling

Click Here For the Genesis of this Etisalat Unlimted browsing

Sorry for not posting it earlier, Have
been busy handling other activities.

I know that most of you are enjoying
his or her own Social me Etisalat
Unlimited Plan While some are yet to
enjoy there’s fully. Notwithstanding,
Am going to touch Some of the major
problems that you may be facing while
using SAS , TweakWare or Psiphon with Etisalat
Unlimited Social Pak.

The main issue many are facing is how
they can bypass the Speed Throttle
while Downloading or Browsing. So,Lets
get started on how to Bypass the speed.

NOTE: If your download speed is
Higher than 60kb/s, That means you
already bypass the speed Throttling,
Just Move to Location where you can
get Full network Coverage and High
Download Speed.

How to Bypass Etisalat Social Pack
Speed Throttling

It is Very Annoying when
you see your downloading speed not
Higher than 40kb/s while Other Psiphon Users are
enjoying 1mb/s, 2mb/s, 6mb/s.
If you
are also victim of such don’t Worry
anymore because t…

Tweakware shows Connected but not browsing, Here is how to Fix it

Are you new to Etisalat Unlimited
social pack? Kindly Click HERE

Yesterday , i posted a post about
using Tweakware to Rock Etisalat
Unlimited Browsing And
. Then i notice that lot
of people are having some issues
when trying to connect

Especially for those
running the app for the first time.
Its show connected and always stay
at Authentication successful but
refuse to Browse. so i decide to
show you the best solution to this

I have two Methods that will enable
your Tweakware to show connected
and browse when you click connect.
So, Kindly follow the Steps by Steps
procedure below.

• Method 1

When you are running Tweakware
for the first time you need to update
your tweakware server.
All you have to do is to connect your chatpack via JwP or SaS so that the Tweakware would have an Internet Connection to Update.
Now launch your Tweakware, then Press and
hold the server list on the Home
screen to update servers. And you
can now select any server available
on the list and Connect it an…